2019 League Of Legends World Qualified Teams
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September 10, 2019

2019 League Of Legends World Qualified Teams

The 2019 League of Legends World Championships occurs from October 2 to November 10. It is the ninth ever Worlds Event, where twenty-four teams are invited to contest for the title of best League of Legends team in the world. This year’s event is taking place in Europe, with the final event held in Paris, France. 

Worlds 2019 Play-In Stage

Of the twenty-four teams, a portion of the top teams proceeds directly to the Main Event. Twelve teams participate in the 2019 Worlds Play-In round, the first stage of the tournament. Teams are grouped into four sections based on their seeding. Then they play a double round-robin fashion with BO1 matches. From each group, the top two teams proceed to the second round of the Play-In Stage

During this knockout stage, the eight advancing teams will compete against each other. The first-place team of each group will play the second-place team, in a BO5 match. Four winners advance from this stage to occupy four slots in the Worlds Main Event.

2019 Worlds Qualified Teams for Play-In Stage:

  • LCK third seed: DAMWON Gaming
  • LEC third seed: Fnatic
    • Fnatic still has a chance to directly enter the Main Event, if they take first in the 2019 LEC Regional Finals.
  • LCS third seed: Clutch Gaming
  • LMS third seed: Hong Kong Attitude
  • VCS second seed: 2019 VCS Summer Split Winner
  • CBLOL first seed: Flamengo Esports
  • LCL first seed: 2019 LCL Summer Split Winner
  • LJL first seed: 2019 LJL Summer Split Winner
  • LLA first seed: Isurus Gaming
  • OPL first seed: MAMMOTH
  • LST first seed: 2019 LST Summer Split Winner
  • TCL first seed: Royal Youth

Worlds 2019 Main Event

Worlds Main Event includes a similar group and another knockout stage. Sixteen teams are participating, with four teams advancing from the Play-In Stage. Teams are sectioned off into four groups and play in a double round-robin with BO1 matches in the Group Stage.  Advancing to the Knockout Stage are the top two teams of each group.

Knockout Stage here consists of a slightly different format than the Play-In Knockout Stage. In a single-elimination bracket, first-place teams play against second-place teams. However, teams do not face teams from their own group and these matches are played in a best of five. 

Teams qualified for Worlds Main Event:

  • LPL – China: FunPlus Phoenix, Royal Never Give Up, and Invictus Gaming
  • LCK – Korea: SK Telecom T1, Griffin
  • LEC – Europe: G2 Esports and the winner of 2019 LEC Regional Finals
  • LCS – North America: Team Liquid and Cloud9
  • LMS – Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macao: J Team and ahq e-Sports Club
  • VCS – Vietnam: 2019 VCS Summer Split Champion

Who will bring it home this year? Contenders from the LEC with G2 Esports, SK Telecom T1 and Griffin in the LCK, and FunPlus Phoenix, Royal Never Give Up, along with previous World Champions Invictus Gaming make quite the variety. Will the European scene finally get a World Championship title after Fnatic in Season 1? All we can do is some predictions.


Credit to Ethan Chen

Featured image credit to Riot Games

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