Acend Takes Over Cartel Halo Infinite Roster
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December 15, 2021

Acend Takes Over Cartel Halo Infinite Roster

Acend, the first esports organization ever crowned VALORANT World Champions, has signed the red-hot Halo Infinite roster formerly known as Cartel.

The unsigned team had placed first in all three of the Halo Championship Series Europe tournaments (two opens and a qualifier) preceding Raleigh’s upcoming Kickoff Major on LAN this month.


The predominantly French group consists of Kaci “Lqgend” Sabri, Shady “Shaady” Zer, Renan “Sica” Grall, and British veteran Michael “Snipedrone” Juchau. The French trio, who joined in 2020, is a new addition to the Halo esports scene in comparison to Snipedrone. Snipedrone played for some top European teams in the last decade, placing highly in HCS, MLG, and other events.

There had been quite a few rumors surrounding Fnatic. Its interest in signing the Cartel squad was real before talks evidently fell through. They were possibly more in favor of signing a North American roster. However, unlike Acend, who Fnatic will sign remains a mystery.

Acend is now one of the few big names in Infinite’s European scene. It is now directly competing with Natus Vincere or the new Quadrant foray, owned by F1 driver Lando Norris. Cartel has shown its presence by winning three Raleigh events, leaving second place for OEX. The OEX roster, which includes an all-French lineup (Sonny ‘Fragxr’ Marchaland, Paul ‘NURIX’ Villemont, Norwen ‘SLG’ Le Galloudec, and Sébastien ‘ TchiK’ Darriet) will now be playing by Quadrant.

Halo Infinite

Acend and Quadrant could also be entering the HCS Partnered Teams program, which produces organization-themed skins in-game for fans to buy, in the near future. They would be joining teams like Na’Vi and Fnatic, promising very interesting matchups on an international scale. Although most consider NA to be the most competitive HCS region, Europe can now count on Cartel and OEX.

With this brand new pool of talent and resources, Acend and Quadrant look more threatening than ever. Teams like OpTic, Cloud9, Sentinels, and the new FaZe team will keep a keen eye on these two European teams. Acend’s latest achievement was its 3-2 victory vs Gambit at the inaugural VCT Champions. This match has attracted the eyes of many, securing a peak viewership record of over a million spectators.

Acend will debut at the Raleigh Kickoff Major, which begins December 17th and has a prize pool of $250 thousand.

Written by Katy Rigol

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