Advanced VALORANT Cypher Guide
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October 31, 2020

Advanced VALORANT Cypher Guide

With his spy gadgets that can be rearranged, Cypher is an invaluable sentinel for any VALORANT team. But only advanced guides can truly show off the tips and tricks to be successful as Cypher.

VALORANT Cypher Guide

Cypher’s intelligence-gathering tools provide an enormous advantage to a team. With this agent, players can easily launch cages, tripwires, and cams to monitor enemy movements. From tripwire to spycam, here are useful tips and tricks to help players bolster Cypher’s utility in this VALORANT guide. Whoops! There ain’t any exploits – only tips and tricks.


VALORANT is a tactical shooter game, and placing tripwires at strategic locations is key before making attacks or establishing a defense. Enemies that cross the tripwire will be tethered, revealed, and dazed for a few seconds if they don’t destroy the wire in time. Cypher even gets notified whenever the tripwire is destroyed. Since the tripwire remains invisible until an enemy becomes very close to it, it gives players time to plan a strategy. They can recall and redeploy the tripwire if no one activates it.

Place tripwires at hip height to prevent enemies from ducking under or jumping over. When in defensive mode, use it alongside Spycam if the enemy team has a Raze or Jett since these agents can pass through the tripwire undetected. For easy kills, hide in a corner where the edge of the tripwire is visible and pounce the moment someone activates it.

Remember to pick up and redeploy tripwires when pushing forward. Placing the tripwire vertically is an excellent way of preventing the enemy from seeing it. Tripwires are essential in detecting enemies moving down flanks. Place the traps during the buy phase at the flanks when pushing to other parts of the map. Avoid placing the wires near elevations like stairs since enemies could jump over them. But don’t forget to switch up the tripwire locations as enemies will remember their positions after a few rounds.

Cyber Cage

Cypher can toss a gadget in front to create a cybernetic barrier that limits the visibility of all characters.  Get down Cyber Cage on chokepoints long before enemies start making offensive moves and activate them when enemies push. It is good to place them near the tripwires to cover a retreat.

Use Spycam to activate the cages to confuse and stall enemies. They may think Cypher is taking cover in the next corner when the player is actually far away. The correct placement of Spycam lets players watch the enemy movements at an angle and activate the cage at the right time. Try to set up cages in places where players can peek from the top, such as a ledge, as enemies are off guard. Note that Cypher can set up the cages at tight angles by bouncing the activators off the wall.

Place cages on top of a tripwire and as soon as the tripwire is activated, launch them. This catches the enemy unawares and would likely cause them to rethink their surge. As enemies try to push through the cage, a sound cue is heard. Try to shoot near the edges as that’s where enemies hang when attempting to push through the cage. It will take a few seconds for them to realize there’s a tripwire. Switch it up and redeploying the trap quickly also causes the enemy to waste valuable seconds trying to locate it.

Look for locations in the maps to set up “one-way” cages that let Cypher see the enemy’s feet inside the cage. When launching an attack, use cages as smoke to block out the enemy’s sight and passages while knowing their positions.


Place the spycam in locations that cannot be easily detected and use darts to mark enemy positions while watching their movements. Plant cameras early on paths that enemies will push through during attacks.

Cypher Neural Theft

With his ultimate ability, Cypher can use a dead enemy to reveal the locations of surviving enemies. Note that if the enemies are in constant motion, the team needs to predict their locations based on their current positions. Neural Theft is great just before launching a defensive or an offensive strategy. But don’t use the ultimate ability when the information cannot give an edge over the enemy team.

Cypher is a critical agent for any VALORANT team that helps guide players to collect valuable intel about enemies and the surroundings. Try to pair Cypher with aggressive agents like Phoenix and Jett to make fast and quick kills and guide the team to victory.

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Written by Daniella Johnson


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