Advanced VALORANT Killjoy Guide
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October 22, 2020

Advanced VALORANT Killjoy Guide

Killjoy is one of the most useful Agents in VALORANT if played correctly. Her abilities give her valuable tools for holding areas and watching flanks. But she can’t just drop abilities anywhere, so here is an advanced guide at maximizing Killjoy’s potential.

Advanced Killjoy Guide


Killjoy’s signature ability is a turret that fires at any enemy that appears in its 180-degree line of sight. Her turret is arguably the most useful ability because it detects where enemies are coming from and can deal damage. This knowledge makes turret placement extremely important.

Placing the turret on defense is pretty straightforward. Players should drop the turret in certain spots each round that covers where enemies might appear. YouTuber “Modix” displays some excellent locations to put Killjoy’s turret in a YouTube guide.

Notice that on defense, he puts the turret where it can see as many entrances to the site as possible. On attack, he places the turret in a place that watches his team’s flanks. When the turret shoots at someone, it lights up red on the minimap. Teammates can also see this, which tells them where an enemy is and when an enemy destroys it.

On the VALORANT map, Icebox, Killjoy should place her turret on the crate ahead and to the right of the box where the zipline starts. The turret will catch enemies coming from above and below. On B side, it should go on the yellow crate facing the two halls enemies will come so it can cover both paths.

Keep in mind that Killjoy can use the turret as bait as well. When enemies attempt to take it out, she can peek at them and get free shots while they focus on the turret.


Nanoswarm works like a Molotov that Killjoy activates. She puts a Nanoswarm grenade on the ground and can activate it from anywhere. When activated, the grenade deals damage in a small area around it.

On attack, the best way to use Nanoswarm grenades is to place them on top of the spike after the team plants it. When enemies try to diffuse the spike, Killjoy can activate the grenades, which guides enemies off or they take damage and die, buying valuable time. Be careful, though, as enemies can destroy the grenades before they are activated if spotted.

On defense, these grenades are great tools to help slow down rushes. Place one of them where enemies will come from, like Hookah on the B side of Bind. When the turret or Alarmbot detects an enemy, activate the grenade. Killjoy can also place a grenade on a default planting spot and try to catch someone planting the spike on it.


Alarmbot is another ability that is useful for detecting VALORANT enemies. Killjoy places the Alarmbot at a target location, and when it sees an enemy, it explodes, revealing them and marking them as vulnerable.

Alarmbot pairs excellently with Nanoswarm grenades on defense. Killjoy can put it down right by one of the grenades, and when it catches someone, activate the grenade. Since the enemy or enemies will be vulnerable, the Nanoswarm will do double damage to them.

On attack, she can use Alarmbot as another tool to detect potential flanks. If for example, her team pushes A site on Haven, enemies can come from A short, A long, Heaven, or B. Assuming she set up the turret to watch the attackers entry to A, that stops them from coming undetected through A short and A long. Depending on where her teammates watch, she can put the Alarmbot outside the stairway leading to Heaven and detect enemies from the remaining two locations.


Lockdown is Killjoy’s VALORANT ultimate ability which places a device that activates after 15 seconds. Once activated, any enemies in the radius are detained for eight seconds, greatly reducing their movement speed and not letting them shoot. She can see the radius when holding the device before placing it.

The best way to use Lockdown is to put it in a spot that forces enemies to give up their positions. On attack, she can put it outside of a site that the team wants to push and go in as Lockdown activates. She can also use it to prevent enemies from defusing the spike after her team plants it.

On defense, Lockdown is best used to stop a push or force enemies away from the spike. It works even better as a distraction to let her defuse the spike. However, properly placing the device is important since enemies can destroy it if they find it. She should never put it down in the open where enemies can freely fire at it or leave it unattended when enemy locations are unknown.

Killjoy has seen a lot of success so far, even prompting nerfs to her Nanoswarm. While she isn’t quite as strong as when she first came out, she is still a great addition to teams. Thanks to this advanced VALORANT guide, Killjoy players can use these tips and tricks to take down enemies faster than before.

Written by Nathaniel Searl


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