Apex Legends Lost Treasures Collection event announcement brings crossplay
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June 20, 2020

Apex Legends Lost Treasures Collection event announcement brings crossplay

Yesterday, at the EA Live event, EA announced a massive upcoming event focused on Apex Legends. The Lost Treasures Collection event will be making its way to Apex Legends. The event goes from June 23 to July 7. This Apex Legends event features multiple game modes, cosmetic rewards, a new heirloom for Mirage, and a whole new redesigned map for the event.

Apex Legends New Map Design

The event features a full map redesign, especially for this event. Crypto’s Map Room took over the map and holds features like a mobile respawn beacon, which will surely make players’ games interesting. The mobile respawn beacon as a portable respawn location players can deploy around the map, making games more strategical in terms of survival. However, mobile respawn beacons will only be available during the event’s limited-time mode. Lost Treasures Collection takes place in King’s Canyon. In terms of center stage for the event, the information points to the Repulsor area in King’s Canyon.

Image credit to Respawn | Apex Legends.

Besides a flashy new battleground, Lost Treasures Collection event features reappearing modes like Armed and Dangerous, a game mode featuring limitations for weapon availability. But unlike the original game mode, it has been named Armed and Dangerous Evolved with upgraded functions. One exciting feature is that players will spawn with EVO armor. All other armor will be unavailable while playing the game mode.

Additionally, during the Lost Treasures Collection event, for players who want more to do, Apex Lost Treasures tasks are up for grabs. The new challenges renew daily and offer 1,000 points per set.

Image credit to Respawn | Apex Legends.

Lost Treasures Collection

During the event, players will be able to earn free exclusive cosmetics with Lost Treasures event tasks. The event features 24 limited-time cosmetics. Subsequently, it also features a new heirloom for Mirage. But unlike other heirlooms, players can get the new Mirage heirloom for free if they unlock all twenty-four of the exclusive cosmetics. Special Offers will be available for players to purchase limited-time game items as well. There will be seven exclusive cosmetics, each costing as low as 500 Apex coins.

Overall, Apex Legends Lost Treasures Collection event is another enjoyable pastime for players worldwide. Despite the exciting announcement of Apex Legends crossplay, EA continues to do a great job at keeping Apex Legends fresh. Jump into Crypto’s Map Room on June 23.

Written by Jay Hunter

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