Apex Legends Season 7 Ascension and Olympus
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October 29, 2020

Apex Legends Season 7 Ascension and Olympus

EA announced information and details about Apex Legends Season 7: Ascension, which includes the new map Olympus, Horizon, a vehicle, and many more changes.

Apex Legends Season 7

Releasing on November 4, the next season of Apex Legends brings huge changes to what players are used to. Lots of new features like Clubs, the new Legend, Steam compatibility, and more make it through.

Clubs let players create their own community with a new way of expressing themselves on the battlefield. Steam compatibility, announced last week, also arrives with the release of Apex Legends Season 7 in November. Most notably, the new Legend Horizon finally joins the squad. Although her abilities have yet to be revealed, she did show off a new gravity lift in today’s trailer.

A new form of transportation with vehicles also makes its way to Olympus. With a sizable new map comes a faster way to move around. The Trident vehicle holds multiple passengers and non-drivers can fire their weapons at enemies. But players need to jump out of the vehicle before the Tridents take too damage and explode.

Ascension Map Olympus

The biggest thing EA showed off in the new Season 6 trailer for Apex Legends is the new map, Olympus. As World’s Edge fell apart, the cast of Legends finds a new region of battle in the sky.

Olympus is a large area with urbanization and many buildings for cover. Boasting a building that resembles the Parthenon, players that thrive in close quarters will love some of these spaces. Caustic and Wattson players can find great picks with their traps in small spaces. Though there will be a learning curve as players use the Trident and find the best routes and strategies.

After revealing that the game will become cross-compatible on all platforms with cross-progression, fans flocked back to the community for a long-requested feature. Based on the Apex Legends Season 7 ranked changes and new features, there’s a lot to find here. Fans should look forward to all the new content available.

Written by Justin Amin


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