Aphelios, League of Legends new champion
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November 26, 2019

Aphelios, League of Legends new champion

League of Legends’ next champion is one of difficulty balanced by the payout. Aphelios, the Lunari monk-assassin wields an array of weapons. Five moonstone weapons, to be exact. Aiding Aphelios, his sister Alune supports him with mysterious and magical powers. Fortifying the champion in battle, Alune guides and empowers him from the backlines, becoming the voice for his brother and keeping him company while he protects the Lunari from dangerous opposers.

The Targon descending marksman has an extensive list of weapon choices. Each arm has a unique ability and primary attack mechanism. However, the champion doesn’t have a proper W ability, E ability or passive, which balances the overpowering mechanism. Additionally, this is the first champion in League of Legends history to have a custom-made HUD.

Credit to Riot Games

Aphelios Abilities

League’s new champion has a main weapon and off-hand weapon that he cycles through. He can’t choose which or what two weapons he wants at a specific time. But he can keep his off-hand weapon while the main weapon will cycle. Weapons have fifty ammo each and once depleted, Aphelios picks up the next weapon in line. The depleted weapon returns to the end of the line to recharge. Throughout the game, the order between the switching changes.

Aphelios technically only has three abilities. His Q is a unique skill corresponding with the main weapon he holds with his W cycling the main weapon. The last ability is the ultimate, Moonlight Virgil. He sends out a lunar bomb that explodes on the first enemy hit, damaging nearby enemies. Moonlight Virgil also buffs Aphelios’ main weapon when cast.

Unlike other champions, he automatically learns his Q and R abilities. Level-up points instead go towards his stats and not the traditional abilities. Upgradeable stats are attack damage, attack speed, and bonus armor penetration

Calibrum, the Rifle

Credit to Riot Games

Calibrum is Aphelios’ rifle that focuses on enemy harassment. The weapon excels at poking enemy champions.

Aphelios’ unique Q ability with Calibrum is Moonshot, a skill shot that marks enemies. Marking an enemy lets him right-click and attack a champion anywhere on the map, a global harassment skill. The ultimate ability applies a mark to any enemy hit and buffs the gun’s mark damage.

Severum, the Scythe Pistol

Credit to Riot Games

Aphelios’ pistol, Severum, focuses on survival and sustainment. When using the pistol, Aphelios for a portion of the damage dealt. If Severum heals over his max health, it shields for a small amount, adding to his survivability.

Aphelios’ unique Q ability with Severum is Onslaught, which gives movement speed as he rapidly fires both main and off-hand weapons at the closest enemy. This ultimate ability also grants him a flat heal.

Gravitum, the Cannon

Credit to Riot Games

Gravitum is Aphelios’ cannon that focuses on crowd-control and utility. This cannon is centered around slowing enemies and keeping them in place. Gravitum applies a decaying slow on contact, applying movement suppression just from auto-attacks.

Aphelios’ unique Q ability with Gravitum is Eclipse. This is a crowd control ability that damages enemies and roots enemies affected by Gravitum’s slow. The ultimate ability buff applies a massively increased slow to Gravitum’s basic attack after the cast.

Infernum, the Flamethrower

Credit to Riot Games

Wave clear and area-of-effect devastation occurs through the flamethrower, Infernum. The weapon shines at AOE damage, posing a threat to grouped up enemies. Infernum deals increased basic attack damage, increased magical damage, and creates a damaging cone behind hit enemies, adding to a crusade of effortless last-hits.

Duskwave is Infernum’s Q ability. This shoots a wave of flame that damages enemies, followed up with a basic attack from Aphelios’ off-hand weapon. His ultimate ability buffs the next basic attacks by creating circles of damaging flames surrounding enemies instead of cones.

Crescendum, the Chakram

Credit to Riot Games

Crescendum is Aphelios’ chakram focusing on bouncing blades and maintaining damage. The weapon excels in continuous damage-per-second, with a bounce effect similar to Sivir’s Ricochet. This chakram not only bounces but also multiplies as more enemies are hit. It grows in strength with each enemy hit, increasing and creating chakram copies on contact.

His unique Q ability with Crescendum is Sentry, a deployable turret that shoots the nearest target with the off-hand weapon. Aphelios’ ultimate ability buffs Crescendum’s basic attacks. If Moonlight Virgil hits fewer than three enemies these attacks provide damage output as if more than three enemies were hit.

Gaming Mentality

Although Aphelios is described and stated as a marksman, he is diverse enough to challenge any lane. His versatility shines with a flexible playstyle that can quickly shift. With great power comes responsibility. But this time, it comes with sacrifice. Players must learn and adapt with uncertain weapon switches. In doing so, players have to continuously be two steps ahead. But should they succeed, Summoners Rift will play host to a true display of skill.

Aphelios, the Weapon of the Faithful is accessible on League of Legends patch 9.24 along with various cosmetics and balance changes.

Written by Jay Hunter

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