Apple Arcade: Three potential esports
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November 13, 2019

Apple Arcade: Three potential esports

Apple Arcade launched just months ago for iOS phones and it’s already loaded with different games from puzzle games to racing games. Another highlighted genre is “Arcade Multiplayer Games” and there are quite a few interesting choices for competitive mobile gamers.

Esports is growing at a historic rate, including the rise of mobile esports. The ascension of the phenomenon partly has to do with competitive mobile gaming getting a boost.

Mobile gaming itself plays a huge roll in growth. Many gamers play on their phones. Even those who don’t consider themselves as gamers still play mobile games.

The mobile gaming industry as a whole is worth roughly over $10 billion. On top of this, daily mobile users spent 215 minutes on their phones last year and this number is expected to rise to 234 minutes by 2021.

Esports will be in the middle of it and Apple Arcade takes advantage of that. So which three games from the service will be a good fit for the world of esports?

1. HyperBrawl Tournament

HyperBrawl Tournament is essentially a combination of American football, handball, and fighting. It’s a two versus two battle with simple rules. Whoever scores the most goals, wins the match, but players can beat each other up in the process clawing for points.

You can even use special abilities to knock out opponents with style. Weapons can also be used so players can truly get creative with an approach to these wild matches.

As a two-on-two game, this can become a unique esports title. Fans usually see four to five-player teams and single-player teams. But we don’t often see dual squads. It would be interesting to see the chemistry of just two players working together.

2. ShockRods

Probably one of the deepest multiplayer games on Apple Arcade is ShockRods. It’s a classic shoot-’em-up while completing certain objectives type.

ShockRods presents a familiar group of game modes, including Capture the Flag and Team Deathmatch, making it a simple game to pick up. Because of this simplicity, ShockRods could truly be a hit in the mobile esports world. Not to mention that it is one of the fastest-paced games on the Apple Arcade. For fans who enjoy consuming quicker games, this is a huge plus.

You can also customize your vehicular ShockRod to stand out from the rest. This also adds to the flavor of the game in tournaments. Players could give their vehicles a signature look, as long as they represent their team’s colors.

If there’s one game that checks all of the esports checklists, it’s ShockRods.

3. Sociable Soccer

One of the newer games on Apple Arcade, Sociable Soccer allows team building via collecting cards of players from real teams. Each card is upgradeable as well, which can make your team stronger and improve strategy.

There are a few ways to play the game. One, you can simply manage your squad and watch matches play out, or players can join in and participate in the full game. Playing in the full games would be ideal for esports. But managing can also be fun letting you make different changes during a match.

These soccer games play much quicker than traditional games. With real players and teams, I can see this game receiving more development in the future. Not to mention this is soccer, arguably the most popular sport on the planet.

Combine the unique speed of the game, team building and the immense passion of soccer fans, and Sociable Soccer could be a great mobile esport. FIFA and MLS already have leagues of their own so it would be interesting to watch a mobile game like Sociable Soccer add to that decoration of visibility.

Written by Colin Mieczkowski

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