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November 13, 2019

How Esports will Take Control of the Sports Industry

Currently, significant sports channels mention esports news every day, indicating how it is becoming popular. 

For the past few years, the esports industry has risen impressively beyond compare from any other sporting industry. Reporters state that the expected revenue from esports by the end of 2019 can top $1 billion, and viewership can go above 450 million worldwide.

But how is the esports industry suddenly increasing, and what consequences can the sports industry face as a whole moving forward? 

I will cover an article that explains the reasons the esports industry is on the rise.

Some key headlines include:

• Younger generations growing in love for video games

• Esports interestingly obtaining investments from sports league boosting its growth

• Addictive bettings on esports games becoming popular

• Esports players and viewers with different cultures come from all around the world

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