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November 11, 2019

Various post-Worlds Pieces

I thought this way might be easier for everyone compared to submitting multiple different ideas. If not, let me know and I’ll send them individually:

Clash of Styles: One of the most fascinating things about this year’s Worlds was that different play styles went head-to-head, without one being the de facto Right Way. It wasn’t just about aggression overcoming passivity, but how and when the aggression was applied.

China on Top (Title TBD): There’s no denying that China is the top region nowadays, with back-to-back world titles. But after years of RNG almost getting there, it was two previously-unfancied teams that took home the biggest prize in league. How did FPX go from mediocrity in 2018 to literal world beaters in 2019?

Where Next for Europe: 2019 was the best chance for a European World Champion since season two, but G2 fell short at the final hurdle. What will it take for a European team to take the final step next season?

Forget Baby Faker, Caps is The New Uzi: Back-to-back world final defeats must be difficult to swallow, but Caps is getting closer every time. Could 2020 finally be his year? What went wrong this time, and what do he and G2 need to build on? How do he avoid becoming the next great player to never win on the biggest stage?

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