Astralis Group becomes a public company
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December 2, 2019

Astralis Group becomes a public company

DENMARK – Esports organization Astralis Group recently announced historic plans to go public next week. Shares in Astralis Group will become tradeable on NASDAQ’s First North Growth Market Denmark on December 9. A “subscription period” took place through November, giving investors the opportunity to back the company before going public.

Investors taking this route were required to deliver a minimum of $593.97 USD for 450 shares in the company. On the first day of trading, investors can buy any amount of shares for a starting price of $1.32 USD.

When Astralis Group goes public, it will be the first-ever esports team company to be traded on the stock market. Although there are publicly traded esports companies, none focus on building competitive esports teams.

Astralis Group controls four esports teams across three different games. Their namesake team, Team Astralis, hold the CS:GO World Champion title for the past three years. In addition, they recently won the Esports Championship Series CS:GO tournament.

Other assets include Origen, which has two teams competing in League of Legends and Future FC, specializing in FIFA. Though Astralis Group’s other teams do not hold championship titles, Origen finished second in the first season of the League of Legends European Championship.

As part of the legal requirements for going public, Astralis Group released its strategies for success. One strategy includes using a performance model when creating new teams. The performance model, included in supplied documents, focuses on the physical, mental and technical aspects of players’ performance to improve their skills.

This strategy helped Team Astralis increase their win-loss ratio from about 1.5 to 7 in a year and a half. Astralis Group believes this performance model can be scaled and applied to most esports. This could help Astralis grow more successful teams for other games.

Credit to Astralis Group

But even with impressive win rates, Astralis is not relying on tournament winnings for company success. Instead of relying on a volatile source of income, they hope to bring in new sponsorships and media rights to turn profits for investors.

Astralis Group controls some of the most well-known esports teams out there. Now, people around the world have an opportunity to back the company. The continuously growing esports industry makes it viable for more team-based companies to follow in Astralis’ footsteps.

Written by Efren Hurtado


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