Atlantis Leviathans Wins Season 8 SMITE World Championship!
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January 10, 2022

Atlantis Leviathans Wins Season 8 SMITE World Championship!

To start off 2022, the Atlantis Leviathans beat the Tartarus Titans on Sunday with a clean sweep 3-0, cementing themselves as Hi-rez’s SMITE World Champions for Season 8.

Libardo “Jarcorrr” Lopez was the MVP, making him the first MVP that played in the solo lane. Aside from SMITE Season 2, this was the only time a sweep happened in the Championship series. This was also the first time in SMITE history a three-peat champion was crowned as well. Titans mid laner Paul “Paul” Berger and Leviathans’ ADC Steve “Zapman” Zapas were both eligible for this feat.

SMITE World Championship

The Leviathans’ run through the tournament was nothing short of impressive. They won nine games out of ten, securing a sweep over the Olympus Bolts, and a 3-1 win against the Camelot Kings. In addition, they controlled 70 percent of neutral objectives, according to Blue’s Ultra’s stats on the SWC this year.

On the other hand, the Titans started off strong with their rookie jungler Casey “Layers” Fowlers. Securing the game’s first blood, they pushed their advantage and fought hard. However, the Leviathans weathered the storm and then regained control. Dragging the game into the mud, they ended up beating the Titans with a late-game composition.

Atlantis Leviathans

Game two was a different story, starting off slowly with farming. Both teams were preparing to capture the Gold Fury, when everything started to fall apart for the Titans. A solo kill for the Zapman in the backline onto Layers allowed the Leviathans to follow suit. Panitom’s triple kill and Jorge “Sheento” Andres’ takedown in the mid lane sealed the deal. At that point, the objective fell into the Leviathan’s hands, taking the Titans off the map. This led to an eventual victory with a sub 25 min game.

Game three was even worse for Titans, who lost two of its members before the fifth-minute mark. Jarcorr and Panitom took advantage of a failed gank by Layers and Benji, subsequently feeding the Leviathans’ solo laner and jungler. After that, it was all Leviathans’, with the only hope for the Titans being their star mid-laner Paul. But even Paul, who was carrying the Titans team to keep them in the game, couldn’t do anything. Soon, the Leviathans’ raised the hammer as the SMITE Season 8 World Champions.

Now that they have raised the trophy, fans will celebrate their accomplishment for a while. Of course, the expectations for the Leviathans will be high for SMITE Season 9 in 2022.

Written by Terrel Skellie

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