Atmos VR announces 4D virtual reality venue
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December 28, 2020

Atmos VR announces 4D virtual reality venue

While the global pandemic rages on, Atmos VR defies expectations by announcing the details for an upcoming 4D virtual reality entertainment and esports venue in the UK thanks to a new £1 million investment round.

4D Virtual Reality Venue

For the new venue, Atmos VR developed a new interactive multiplayer game targeting post-COVID audiences. Because the global pandemic is the biggest roadblock to business, especially in esports and gaming, the creative brand seeks to take advantage of a new market. To keep health precautions in mind, facilities will offer restricted player counts, socially-distanced events, and only one-hour shows. Between groups and players, equipment is also sanitized.

The new Atmos VR venue offers four-dimensional experiences with enhanced senses for every participant. Features will include moving floors, picking up and touching virtual objects, the ability to feel surroundings, and an atmosphere’s smell. What’s more, this is just the first of eight planned venues hitting the UK in the next five years.

Atmos founder and event technology strategist Kevin Blair, an expert in the virtual reality space spoke on the new capabilities they can bring. “Atmos VR’s aim is to bring creative content to life using the latest immersive technology, constantly evolving VR and beyond and pushing the experiential boundaries of immersive experiences,” Blair stated. “According to a recent study, three-quarters (76%) of immersive entertainment companies successfully have attendance up to 10,000 per year, meaning we can provide immersive experiences aimed at smaller audiences who are already seeking a more personal setting.

Atmos VR

Atmos VR even took on the services of Samahoma Media Advisors, who worked with other gaming initiatives in the past during the pandemic. Bob Clarke, CEO of Samahoma Media Advisors, successfully negotiated a £1 million investment from Insight Media Fund.

“As part of the Fund’s focus on media investments for a post-COVID world, bringing back live events is very much on its agenda and free-roaming VR provides a genuine antidote to the reasonable lingering fears people may have of being part of an uncontrolled large audience crowd.” Clarke said. “Atmos VR has developed a cutting-edge proposition with plenty of hooks for repeat visits – with the Fund’s support we believe it can be scaled for a UK-wide rollout and international franchise opportunities.”

This new venture into a post-COVID virtual reality scene is exciting to see. Though it’s difficult to determine what the entertainment or esports industry may look like in 2021, the company wants to make an impact. Atmos VR is taking a brave leap towards a positive future with its new 4D virtual reality venues.

Written by Justin Amin


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