Rainbow Six: Siege best Attackers for each role
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March 4, 2020

Rainbow Six: Siege best Attackers for each role

Rainbow Six: Siege attack phases require not just aim, but also strategy. On the attacking side, every player takes up a role. In addition to the shot caller, or in-game leader, here are a few other operator roles to help understand an attacking team composition.

Entry Fraggers

Entry fraggers are the main killing force of the attacking team. Their priorities include engaging in gunfights and map control. Ideally, they follow a teammate’s drone as they enter, feeding them information on the location of the defending team. 3-speed operators make excellent entry fraggers. However, with the right playstyle and utility, 2-speed operators can become entry fraggers. Of the many operators, here are some of the best entries.

  • Ash: Being 3-speed allows her to take control of the map quickly, especially with her R4-C, breaching rounds, and stun grenades.
  • Nøkk: Another 3-speed operator. Her ability allows her to move around quietly, undetected by cameras.
  • Zofia: A 2-speed operator, her concussion and impact grenades allow her to disorient the enemy and soft breach for a line of sight and entry.


Hard breachers and soft breachers, the two types of breachers. Their abilities to interact with walls make them different from other support operators. With these abilities, the game changes drastically with open sightlines. When breaching abilities have been expended, these operators quickly become fraggers. Hard breachers’ survivability will be important as they are the only ones who can breach reinforced walls. Some examples of these operators are:

  • Thermite/Hibana: Their ability to breach reinforced walls creates new entries that the defending team must watch.
  • Maverick: His torch quietly creates small sightlines or entry points.
  • Sledge: His hammer can be reused for breaking soft surfaces.


Support operators carry utility to help create a successful breach, deny area, or negate defending gadgets. They rarely enter the premises first, prioritizing their survivability over kills to maximize their abilities. Rainbow Six: Siege Attack Operators in this category include:

  • Kali: Her LV explosive lance destroys anything attached to the target wall, similar to Thatcher’s EMP grenades.
  • IQ: Detecting any electronics nearby, she has the potential to take out defending gadgets. She can also direct Thatcher to throw his EMP grenades at certain locations.
  • Capitão: His smoke and fire bolts can block off entries and deny vision, delaying defenders and forcing them to reposition.


Intel operators help teammates secure kills and objectives. Their abilities usually include a global effect that gives away the locations of the defending team. Operators that carry these kinds of abilities include:

  • Dokkaebi: Logic Bomb will ring defending operators’ phones. She can also hack defending cameras for her team.
  • Lion: Once activated, his EE-ONE-D pings out any moving operator for two seconds.
  • Jackal: Eyenox can scan recent footprints, pinging out their location three times. Effective for catching roamers.

Support and intel operators usually carry the defuser when playing the bomb mode. This is solely because they’re meant to stay alive for maximum utility, as opposed to entry fraggers, whose potential to die is greater. At any point in the game, they can become fraggers as well.

Keep in mind, these roles can change as each round progresses. While no Rainbow Six: Siege attack operator or playstyle is limited to a specific role, understanding the roles they play will increase the chances of victory.

Written Emily Tang

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