Betti looks to improve esports competition and betting
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August 8, 2020

Betti looks to improve esports competition and betting

The newest entry to the esports industry has Betti looking into esports betting. Specifically, the new company hopes to let gamers face against each other to earn cash.

Esports and Gaming Betting

Betti plans to use existing messaging structures to add on and connect with gamers. Instead of having users sign up for a whole new app and program, the brand plans to connect with instant messaging services like Discord or Skype. The unique platform plans to “intertwine elements of Unikrn and Reddit.” Betti will act as a contact or friend and players can communicate that way for secure cash transactions. This virtual assistant’s purpose is to settle matches of skill.

The service is in a closed beta program thanks to some help from existing esports organizations. Betti also expects to bring the virtual assistant to open beta in the next five months.

“Betti is not an app and does not require any downloads,” said Betti Games CEO David Strashnoy in an interview with Inven Global. “It piggybacks/integrates onto existing instant messenger infrastructure. Users engage with Betti as a contact on their IM contact list, just like they do with any of their friends. So you can think of it as messaging your personal bookie to facilitate a wager on a skill-based game you are about to play.”

Betti's betting platform enters esports and gaming.

Image credit to Betti.

Betting with Betti

Competitive video gaming continues to grow more and more across the world. Along with the evolving esports and gaming industries comes gambling. As with any sports match or event, participants will find ways to bet against each other. But right now, most betting services hold problems or aren’t secure. Using Betti instead of third-party apps like Venmo and Cash App will help grow esports and gaming betting structures. Improving ease of access with a simple interface on existing applications will help gamers.

“We immediately recognized the friction and frustration that streamers and amateurs competitive gamers faced in the marketplace when trying to monetize their gaming skills,” said Strashnoy. “Our first point of attack was how to bring the platform to the gamer, instead of making gamers go to the platform. Our solution is chat.”

Currently, Betti is still accepting applicants for its beta program. Interested fans can sign up on its website to participate for a $3 thousand prize pool exclusive to the closed beta.

Written by Justin Amin

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