Blizzard’s first official World of Warcraft Classic esports tournament
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June 9, 2020

Blizzard’s first official World of Warcraft Classic esports tournament

World of Warcraft Classic released at the end of August 2019 and saw huge success. Despite this, Blizzard did not decide to create an esports tournament for its game. The video game publisher decided to let the community take it from here. However, months after WoW Classic’s official release, Blizzard finally announced its participation in World of Warcraft esports. The company will host a “Summer Bowl” player versus player event featuring North American and European players.

WoW Classic Summer Bowl

The recently implemented War Game feature will be used for this event. It allows players to create groups that can compete against each other. Beginning on June 17, the competition uses the 10 vs. 10 capture the flag battleground Warsong Gulch set up. Qualifiers will be held during the last two weeks of June.

Potential participants are currently lacking information on how to qualify for the next step but the number of teams participating will change how the tournament will proceed. However, as this event is coming very soon, full details should be revealed in a few days. Only six teams from both NA and Europe will play the Summer Bowl Finals at the beginning of July. Both Europe and NA features a cash prize of $4 thousand.

WoW Classic summer bowl tournament

Image credits to Blizzard

There are two requirements to attend the open registration event is to have a level 60 character and a team of 10 people. Nonetheless, as expected from a huge event, players should be prepared to face opponents with the best gear in the game. This is why any teams with real ambition in this tournament will wear maxed out Rank 14 gear. With the WoW Classic community being very competitive, fans are excited to see the best teams in the world finally fighting in an official event supported by Blizzard.

World of Warcraft’s Turning Point

For World of Warcraft Classic fans, Summer Bowl is finally a dream coming true. Over the past few months, they have only seen two major tournaments organized by third parties. Both Classic Dueler’s League and Twitch Rivals gathered an immense community around streamers. Blizzard stepping up to take its rightful place as WoW Classic official organizer is nothing but good news. This Summer Bowl will be Blizzard’s first experiment on WoW Classic esports. Depending on the outcome, fans may see more and more events coming in the future.

Written by Charles FUSTER

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