BlizzConline, new Overwatch 2 updates, and Sojourn
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February 20, 2021

BlizzConline, new Overwatch 2 updates, and Sojourn

Video game giant Blizzard held Blizzcon, its major annual conference, today in an online format. Calling it BlizzConline, the event gave more updates to Overwatch 2 and announced Sojourn, a new character.

BlizzConline 2021

Today’s event was only the first of two days with new game action. And even though all sorts of information came out, much of the community focused on Overwatch and Overwatch 2 updates. Assault, also known as Two Capture Point (2CP), is a common map style in Overwatch that may come back. Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan even teased some new content for the game.

“We’re still exploring new game modes, we’re also re-evaluating older game modes that people are more critical of, we’re in the minset of maybe 2CP doesn’t exist in Overwatch 2,” Jeff let slip during BlizzCon’s first day. “Maybe there’s a cool new game mode that replaces it.”

BlizzConline Overwatch 2 Updates

Similar to Valve, Blizzard struggled with communications on the latest updates to Overwatch 2. This time, the company changed the game through mass reveals including maps, new hero Sojourn, and more. In fact, a common complaint from esports players is about the problems with 2CP Overwatch maps. Blizzard knows about player dissatisfaction with them and revealed that they won’t be the same next game in BlizzConline 2021. Reinhardt will even get buffs to potentially get multiple charges of his fire strike.

“We will be making a whole new roster of maps for Overwatch 2 PVP, and none will be 2CP,” Jeff noted.


Although very little news came out about Sojourn’s kit, fans learned some info about the new Overwatch character. The main weapon for the new star will be a large railgun. According to Blizzard, Sojourn was “one of people’s favorites” just because of her gun too. Although the new trailer didn’t show much about her kit, fans saw two different firing modes. Her railgun can both fire automatically and charge up stronger shots. Nobody knows what role she will play although fans assume she’s a damage hero.

Other notable BlizzConline 2021 announcements include additions to World of Warcraft, Diablo 2, Hearthstone, and more. With everything shown off today, fans must remember this is only the first day. More news will come out tomorrow in the online Blizzcon. Overwatch 2 and a new character like Sojourn will keep fans sated for new content until the next update.

Written by Justin Amin


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