Bounty Contracts replaced by Most Wanted in Warzone update
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May 1, 2020

Bounty Contracts replaced by Most Wanted in Warzone update

In an update rolled out on April 29, Infinity Ward rubbed the wrong way for Call of Duty: Warzone fans. Most Wanted contracts had officially replaced Bounty contracts within Warzone. Players are upset as the new contract is risky and comes with small cash rewards. They claim that Activision has replaced a system that worked perfectly just for the sake of making the news. Esports fans and Warzone players don’t like going from the thrill of a hunt to the fear as the prey.

Warzone’s Most Wanted Contracts

Gone are the days when players capitalized on other players’ bounties. With the Most Wanted contract, teams now become a bounty for every other team by being marked on the map. But if they survive, they’re given a chance to revive all teammates without spending $4500 or engaging in Gulag survival battles. That’s an advantage since even one surviving team member from the bounty can revive all other fallen teammates for free. In addition, surviving the contract leads to $3000 to each player.

Warzone Most Wanted

Image credits to Activision

Fans felt betrayed as they believe the risks of the new contract far outweigh the ultimate reward. The Most Wanted contract lets every enemy in the game know a team’s location on the map for a set time until they survive or lose. As soon as players pick up one of many briefcases littered across the map, they may activate the Most Wanted contract. The team becomes the ‘most wanted’ in the whole map until the five-minute timer ends. That’s quite a long time to ward off enemies.

Community Backlash

In Call of Duty: Warzone, fans are given optional objectives for money and loot. Instead of wandering around the map waiting to stumble upon enemies, Warzone provides contracts that come with monetary rewards. The regular bounty contracts enabled players to hunt down and plunder squad after squad, facilitating a decent amount of cash flow. The costs of accepting regular contracts were low, but its cash rewards were worth it. With the Most Wanted contract, players likely won’t want to risk being targeted by every other enemy for small rewards.

Infinity Ward was probably going to consider fans’ feedback, as they have done over the years and the developers have yet to comment on the removals. However, they have decided to answer the fan’s wishes by adding Bounty contracts on top of Most Wanted so fans can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Written by Daniella Johnson

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