July 24, 2019

Brazil’s CS:GO team FURIA just got into DreamHack Malmö

Fans of the CS:GO scene in Brazil can rejoice. FURIA was invited to compete at DreamHack Master Malmö and they have a good shot at placing high.

DreamHack Masters is one of the biggest competitive events in CS:GO and teams aspire to be there. One of the newer teams in the league, FURIA started off slow when founded mid-2017 but have since shown their true fury.

This past week, the team took second place at the Americas Minor and secured the eighth spot for DreamHack Masters Malmö. FURIA’s rosters are playing very well considering they’re relatively new to the scene. 

FURIA’s entire roster is growing more balanced and strengthened from recent success. High performance is always coming out of ableJ as he continues to play well in clutch situations. Big scoreboard numbers also come out of yuurih and his consistent picks each game.

Credit: HLTV

The team’s positive results in various events are attracting interest from other companies too. MIBR has even been looking to acquire players from the FURIA roster. This was revealed in HLTV’s interview with Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo. 

“We definitely wanted to have some of the players from FURIA, …, but they really are a lineup that wants to stay together, they are really passionate about the project they are building.” – Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo

Apart from last week’s Americas Minor event, FURIA finished first in ESEA Season 31 Global, 9-12th in ESL One Cologne 2019, second in ECS Season Finals, and second in DreamHack Open Rio 2019.

Quite the spree of accomplishments. However, there is a trend of FURIA choking during the finals and unable to close out games. But if that’s overcome, they’ll be a force to reckon with the rest of this year. 

FURIA is currently ranked on HLTV as the number one Brazilian team. They’re even ranked above MIBR. MIBR is Brazil’s other powerhouse holding iconic players like FalleN and fer.

Credit: HLTV

What other teams will secure the other eight spots? DreamHack Masters Malmö is set for October 1-6 and will be the next stage for the prestigious DreamHack series.

Credit: Justin Amin

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