BREAKING: Team Liquid puts Doublelift up for trade
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April 16, 2020

BREAKING: Team Liquid puts Doublelift up for trade

As reported by interviewer Travis Gafford, Team Liquid is putting Peter “Doublelift” Peng’s contract up for trade after one of Doublelift’s worst seasons in his career. From being benched to an ending contract, take a look at what’s happening in his career.

“I have heard from multiple team sources that Doublelift is up for sale and will likely be traded from Team Liquid to another team during the break between Spring and Summer Split,” said Travis Gafford.

Doublelift’s Performance

Doublelift ended his Spring Split tied with the lowest average KDA in the league. According to OraclesElixir, he and Trevor “Stixxay” Hayes sat at the bottom with a score of 3.3. To further that, Doublelift only ever won 33 percent of the games he played in. A score like that is unprecedented for a player of his caliber and experience. No one expects the champion with four concurrent LCS titles to hit that deep of a slump.

On his stream, Doublelift said that he and the team also had disagreements on how to play the game. His Senna performance fell under particular scrutiny. “I understand that I messed up, but I shouldn’t be banned from playing a champion I feel really confident on,” said Doublelift.

But the slump is undeniable. Team Liquid, with or without Doublelift, are building their roster for international success. They have two former world champions, one of the highest-rated midlaners in North America, and a world finalist from Europe. Vast amounts of money and resources depend on their success. But despite all these investments, Team Liquid placed 9th out of a ten-team league. Team Liquid fans and financial backers would find it unacceptable not to make a change.

His Future

Moving forward, it’s unknown what team Doublelift will move to. It is likely that Team Liquid replaces Doublelift on the roster, keeping his contract until it fully expires. But in his report, Gafford speculated that he could move back to Team SoloMid. TSM’s roster from 2016 to 2017 held recognition for its potential to carry North America. Doublelift was a large factor for their success but was eventually replaced in a controversial decision.

Over the years, Doublelift has become a pillar of North American League of Legends. Any team he joins will likely be a contender for the World Championship. But there has yet to be an official announcement on his future. The community will likely be given more insight into the matter over the coming weeks.

Written by Devon Huge

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