Brooms and Horror coming to Fortnitemares 2020
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October 19, 2020

Brooms and Horror coming to Fortnitemares 2020

With Halloween coming in a couple of days, Epic Games will introduce Fortnitemares 2020. The leaked event will include fan-favorite Fortnite features like a Midas NPC and the Broom item, a new way to move around the map.

Fortnitemares 2020

The new Fortnite event brings lots of features including the new Broom item, consumables, and the return of Midas.

Broom and Consumables

Thanks to a few data miners, Fortnite fans now know that a new mobility item will make an appearance: the broom. On the latest 14.30 patch, there was a Broom Box added to the game alongside a consumable named Wbroom. Currently, there isn’t any information available yet about which game modes will let players use this new feature.

There will also be five new Fortnitemares consumables added to the game: Thermal Taffy, Hot Drop, Pepper Ming, Jelly Bean, and Candy Corn. All these items shouldn’t introduce new mechanics but only function like already existing consumables.

In order to add a random encounter, Epic Games also added candy buckets into the game. Functioning like the fruit box, it will grant players a random treat. It always had a decisive effect when a player found a fortuitous encounter.

Midas and Ghost Henchmen

Data miners also predict the return of Midas under the form of an NPC. After all, this famous character’s chair was already part of the latest Fortnite patch and the Last Laugh bundle. Fans are probably excited to see him on an official map alongside the Ghost Henchmen.

Midas return 2020

Image credits to Epic Games

Fortnitemares Skins

Like before, the Fortnite event introduces a few challenges for players to clear. Finishing all these tasks will grant players some XP and cosmetic items. Even though other celebrations usually get more challenges than this one, there is still some hope that Epic Games does it right this year.

Because Halloween is all about the atmosphere, the Fortnite map will likely see many decorations. Fortnitemares is also a huge opportunity for Epic Games to release a fresh batch of skins. The Fortnite Goth Legends Pack is already confirmed but there might be more spooky skins on the way.

Fortnite’s content strategy focuses on mainstream pop-culture collaborations that turned this battle royale into the center of attention. For example, Travis Scott’s concert, Astronomical, broke quite a few records. Furthermore, its latest collaboration with Rocket League ended up being the successful Llama-rama event. This time, there isn’t a big collaboration but a huge event on October 31 that inspired Fortnite again: Halloween.

More information will like come in a couple of days after its official announcement. Since the event is Halloween-themed, it should start sometime next week. Fortnitemares 2020 will definitely gather Fortnite players in a new unique event full of skins and challenges.

Written by Charles FUSTER


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