Bymas replaces olofmeister in FaZe Clan CS:GO Roster
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May 26, 2020

Bymas replaces olofmeister in FaZe Clan CS:GO Roster

Yesterday, FaZe Clan announced the replacement of Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer Gustafsson for Aurimas “Bymas” Pipiras as the CS:GO stand-in rifler. As esports share lots of similarities with sports, the life of professional esports players is tough. They have to go through a lot of hours practicing alone, with their teams, with their mental coaches, and with their strategic coaches. Pro players need to be able to focus solely on the game they are playing and live their lives accordingly. So it is no surprise when a pro player who played for a while suddenly decides to take a break.

Olofmeister’s Reasons

Fans were afraid that it was the end of olofmeister in esports, but were reassured as soon as FaZe Clan’s statement came. Fatigue and motivation are the main reasons of why olofmeister needs to take a break.

Olofmeister contributed heavily to FaZe Clan’s success since the end of 2017. He participated in the ESL One: New York 2017, Esports Championship Series Season 4, ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2017, and EPICENTER 2018 victories. Now, he plans to take an indefinite amount of time to recuperate. In 2018, he took a three-month leave for personal reasons.

Bymas’ Beginning

To replace olofmeister, FaZe Clan decided to put its trust in Bymas. He is joining the FaZe CS:GO roster on a trial basis. It is his first professional team after playing in Level One and Demolition Crew. This Lithuanian player is a young potential, being only 16, and his entrance into FaZe Clan will be a trial of fire for him.

It is never easy for esports organizations to replace such a fan-favorite player. Olofmeister has been a solid piece of Faze’s foundations over the years. Even losing him for a few months will impact FaZe Clan’s performance. Proposing an exciting and young player to make up for olofmeister’s absence may be a good move. Bymas will be able to learn from the best and getting experience on the big stage. Fans will look forward to olofmeister’s next piece of news with focused attention. His comeback to CS:GO is sure to be explosive.

Written by Charles FUSTER

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