Call of Duty League organizes its first Warzone tournament
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May 20, 2020

Call of Duty League organizes its first Warzone tournament

Warzone is currently the most popular mode of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Fans wished for a battle royale mode to be present in the competitive scene. However, because of the pandemic, shifting all live tournaments to an online format was clearly the priority. Now that this problem is out the window, Call of Duty League announced the first-ever Warzone tournament. It was one of the most important demands from the franchise’s fans all around the world and CDL could not possibly miss out on such a golden opportunity.

An Opportunity to Experiment

“It gives us some opportunity to experiment,” said Call of Duty League Commissioner Johanna Faries in the Washington Post. “That’s a good look for us, to understand ‘what do we like about it?’ How does this become a broader conversation about the role that ‘Warzone’ can play in the broader Call of Duty esports ecosystem?”

Call of Duty League

Image credits to Call of Duty League

Since its release in March, Call of Duty: Warzone has gathered players from all countries and backgrounds. Even athletes and influencers loved the game and participated in its huge success. Nonetheless, the Call of Duty League wants to take it slow and make sure that everything is smooth sailing at each step of the process. There are a few examples in esports history when leagues went too fast on investing resources and did not end up where they intended to be. By organizing a simple tournament and getting feedback from it, they guarantee success.

Warzone Tournament

This exhibition tournament features 48 players from 12 different teams. Before this, on every championship weekend, only 8 teams were able to participate. Starting Saturday, fans can enjoy seeing Warzone teams going at each other with full force. This event will be broadcasted on the Call of Duty Youtube channel, promoting the event to 882 thousand subscribers. Since this online event has players play from home, it is good news that the CDL recently acquired more server backups to ensure players can compete in the right conditions.

Warzone tournament

Image credits to Activision

Call of Duty League management is handling the potential Warzone esports scene quite carefully. After finally deciding to risk it, they will solve problems before they appear in the future scene. This may be the best possible course of action for Warzone fans who are finally receiving a long-awaited official Warzone tournament.

Written by Charles FUSTER

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