Call of Duty: Mobile gets Major Weapons Update in Season 4
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April 30, 2021

Call of Duty: Mobile gets Major Weapons Update in Season 4

In its latest Community Update, Activision revealed that most weapons are about to see big changes during Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4.

A large majority of the COD Mobile fanbase complained about the absurd power gap between weapons. For example, the Man-O-War is every players’ nightmare as it boasts a huge damage output with decent recoil and accuracy. On the other hand, guns like the SPR-208 keep pilling up dust on weapon caches. This is why Activision had to intervene.

COD Mobile Weapons

Players on test servers gave Activision enough feedback for an overhaul of every category of weapon. In fact, there are more than 30 pages about every potential weapon change, creating a huge COD Mobile Season 4 update.

What Activision did was ensuring that every category of weapon was fulfilling its purpose. Developers want SMGs to remain the best at close range, but not completely unusable after moving away. Assault rifles should make a difference at medium range while Snipers would only usable far away from targets. Basically, COD Mobile developers are trying to limit every class of weapons from overlapping with one another.

Call of Duty Season 4

In order to ensure this, there will be adjusted stats for almost every weapon. For example, the Man-O-War, where the main downside is mobility, should receive one aim nerf and two buffs for its close-range damage and accuracy. The HBRa3 should receive a nerf in both accuracy and damage at long range, but a maximum damage output from 0 to 13 meters. Details about the changes can be found here.

COD Mobile Season 4

Image Credits to Activision

Considering that Call of Duty: Mobile’s uniqueness lies in the Gunsmith feature, each weapon needed some kind of class change. Attachments give players the freedom to customize their own weapons, which is one of the game’s main reasons for its success. Still, this Community Update for Season 4 gives hope to the COD Mobile community, who felt bored of fighting the same weapons over and over again.

Written by Charles FUSTER

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