Call of Duty: Mobile introduces Hunt for Makarov
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September 18, 2020

Call of Duty: Mobile introduces Hunt for Makarov

Activision revealed a new Call of Duty: Mobile Season 10 in-game event, Hunt for Makarov. In the mode, players must hunt Makarov, who left Zakhaev Airport to hide in the jungle.

Lately, other Call of Duty games took the spotlight. While a new Warzone mobile game may have been leaked via a job listing, the hype for Black Ops: Cold War is also growing after gameplay reveals. To keep fans entertained on their smartphone, Activision released this new season 10 event.

Hunt for Makarov

This event is the reason for COD: Mobile Season 10 The Hunt. The notorious antagonist Vladimir Makarov is near and hiding in the jungle near Airport. Players have to go through multiple steps to find his location. The key to succeeding is to gather enough Exploration points through multiplayer and battle royale games.

The number of Exploration points given to players will change depending on the map and game mode. To gather the maximum amount of points, players should play on Terminal and Pine with Headquarters mode. At the end of every game, Exploration points won will be displayed as binoculars. At any time, players can track their progress on a dedicated menu tab.

Players have until September 31 to explore all twelve locations in order to finally find Makarov.


In the meantime, there are rewards for Exploration points unlocked. Some points also come with Vladimir Makarov’s pictures. Those can be traded for a unique First Horseman frame. Among rewards that can be gathered throughout this event are weapon skins, calling cards, and equipment skins.

Season 10 event : Hunt for Makarov

Image credits to Activision

In order, here are the rewards for completing each Exploration points.

  1. Smoke Grenade – Forest Felt
  2. SMRS – Forest Felt
  3. S36 – Iridescent
  4. Backpack one – Iridescent
  5. Striker – Forest Felt
  6. Frag Grenade – Forest Felt
  7. Knife – Iridescent
  8. Ninja – Forest Felt
  9. Beastly Pursuit – Calling Card
  10. Man-O-War – Iridescent
  11. BK57 – Forest Felt

Unlocking the twelfth Exploration point grants the M4 Feral Stalker skin. Because those items are unique, players should make a priority of completing these tasks. Of course, they can kill two birds with one stone by completing other daily or weekly tasks.

This new Call of Duty: Mobile Season 10 event also comes with a comic. Accessible in the Battle Pass menu, new chapters will be uploaded for players to enjoy. Those who are fans of Makarov since Modern Warfare 2 will be pleased to see more of him. Using a cross-media strategy allows the studio to go into more detail, Activision created an event that both new fans and legacy fans can enjoy at the same time.

Written by Charles FUSTER

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