Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 5 and Warzone Season 5
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August 4, 2020

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 5 and Warzone Season 5

A big update will be available tonight, bringing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 5. In addition to the new Season 5 Battle Pass, there will be some changes to a few maps with Warzone Season 5. Modern Warfare also sees some of its weapons and map changed. This update will weigh quite a bit, reaching 36 GB of data.

Modern Warfare Season 5

With the Shadow Company faction comes leader Lerch. Unlocking his operation missions will grant players the “Colossus” and “Gargantua” alternative designs. From the get-go, the Behemoth Lerch will be available for all to enjoy.

Image credits to Activision

Hitting Tier 15 in the Battle Pass will grant players the ISO SMG, a close-range specialized weapon with rapid-fire. The AN-94 Assault Rifle, featuring “Hyperburst” to lower recoil and deal lots of damage, will be available after getting Tier 31.

Image credits to Activision

Because of the new faction Shadow Company, Modern Warfare Season 5 content is centered around a “dark and brooding” theme. Fifteen weapon blueprints will be available, featuring three handguns, three LMGs, and two assault rifles.

The MK2 Carbine and Kar98 received a damage boost but only the latter saw its aim down sight speed getting a boost. Equipping the MK2 will also result in slightly faster movement speed.

Suldal Harbor and Petrol Oil Rig are two new maps for the 6v6 mode coming alongside Livestock for Gunfight.

Modern Warfare Season 5 game modes and playlists include Bare Bones to focus on pure combat and Search and Destroy Double Down to expand on bomb plant strategy.

Warzone Season 5

For those who don’t like long battle royales, Warzone Season 5 introduces a new game mode called Mini Royale. In it, games will be fast-paced with high kill counts in a few minutes.

The stadium in Verdansk was the topic of the official trailer, showcasing a huge open area for players to fight within. Fighting around the field, lots of seating, and underground parking will give players close and open areas to access at any time.

Image credits to Activision

Verdansk Train Station also received changes. The overall look, feel, and level design was overhauled to give players more interior locations to explore.

A hulking freight train and a vertical zip line will also provide players with some innovative ways to reposition and get around the map.

Most of the new Warzone content is unlockable for free. Nonetheless, buying the Battle Pass will give players access to everything in Call of Duty Season 5.

Written by Charles FUSTER

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