Call of Duty: Modern Warfare update welcomes Gaz
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June 25, 2020

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare update welcomes Gaz

New Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone updates arrive this week, introducing a new operator and game mode. In competitive games with particular characters, the introduction of a new one is always something to look out for. Players can tell from experience that the new character will either be overpowered or abandoned. However, Call of Duty’s Gaz is still someone new and exciting to try.

Call of Duty Gaz

After the release of Captain Price last month, players expected Gaz to come in sooner. Hero of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare campaign, Kyle “Gaz” Garrick is a fan-favorite. However, despite his appearance in both recent and old Modern Warfare games, this iteration of the character will be the new one.

The new Gaz Operator Bundle releases this week, alongside a new skin and challenges. New blueprints and additional items will also be a part of this Call of Duty update.

Modern Warfare Chaos

Modern Warfare Chaos 10 vs 10 is a new game mode based on a moshpit playlist including only six vs six maps. However, as the name implies, Chaos 10 vs 10 allows 10 players to fight in very tight maps. Players must prepare for ambushes and gunfights all around the map. Modern Warfare Chaos gameplay will be off the charts with players facing opponents after opponents. Giving this game mode the name Chaos seems appropriate.

Game Mode Rotation

All or Nothing is a popular game mode among the Call of Duty community and it returns for this rotation. This game mode is based on the experience of survival and kill counts. Players are given an empty gun and a throwing knife. The goal is to be the first to gather twenty kills before the other players.

Another playlist, Face Off, is based on diversity, including different 3 vs 3 game modes. Players can now enjoy Gunfight, Kill Confirmed, Grind, and Domination thanks to game mode rotations. But some Call of Duty players aren’t fond of playing the same game mode repeatedly, instead wanting to hone their skills on different rules.

This new Modern Warfare update brings some refreshing features with Call of Duty’s Gaz and Chaos mode. From a new operator, weapons, items, and game modes, Call of Duty fans will be quite busy this week.

Written by Charles FUSTER

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