Call of Duty Warzone Enters Season 5
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August 13, 2021

Call of Duty Warzone Enters Season 5

In a Twitter thread, Raven Software released important information regarding Call of Duty Warzone Season 5. It includes a new Battle Pass, important map changes, new perks, and operators.

Five days after the end of its fourth season, Warzone is finally set to receive this important update. It was supposed to be available yesterday, but an unexpected delay set it back to release on Friday. Now, players can finally go into Verdansk and Rebirth Island to check out the new content.

Warzone Season 5

Speaking about changes to the different maps, Warzone Season 5 adds multiple Mobile Broadcast Stations as points of interest. To make it fair, these POIs will change every time to avoid people gathering into the same area looking for a specific reward.

The new Gulag Rush, which takes back players to Black Ops 2, seems to be connected with the broadcast stations in some way.

There is one last change in Verdansk but its content remains mysterious. It is probably related to the two-minute cutscene fans saw at the beginning of August showcasing a brand new character with a dangerous mind-control signal.

Gameplay-wise, Raven Software made multiple adjustments in Call of Duty Warzone Season 5. The loot spawn rates saw multiple tweaks to take into account the recent additions. Detaching from an ascender at any point in time is now possible. The new Combat Scout and Tempered perks give scouts and tanks even more abilities. Combat Scout briefly highlights and pings enemies when damaged, unless they have Cold-Blooded. Tempered lets armor plates absorb 75 damage instead of 50 and players only need two plates to be fully armored.

Battle Pass

Regarding weapons, Warzone Season 5 adds the EM2 assault rifle and the TEC-9 Submachine gun. The former boasts high damage and a slow rate of fire, while the latter is a good option for both long and moderate ranges. Both of them will be available at launch, after clearing Tier 15 (EM2) and Tier 31 (TEC-9) of the new Battle Pass.

Throughout the season, Raven Software also promised a Cane melee weapon and the Marshall pistol.

Purchasing the new Battle Pass automatically allows Warzone fans to use the new operator, Kitsune. An Ultra-Rarity skin for her is also available after clearing Tier 100. Later this season, Stryker and Hudson are also going to make their introductions in Store Bundle offerings.

Written by Charles Fuster

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