Consequences of the Rainbow Six: Siege Y5S1.2 patch
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April 23, 2020

Consequences of the Rainbow Six: Siege Y5S1.2 patch

The new update for Rainbow Six: Siege Year 5 Season 1, released in the middle of Operation Void Edge, unveils a swath of operator balancing changes. The R6 Y5S1.2 patch notes reveal bug fixes and raises the skill caps for pro players. It also fixes dynamic play button issues and a major glitch in the barricade replication where only the shooter could destroy the barricade.

This second wave of updates since the Year 5 kickoff brings numerous balance changes. Jäger’s roaming potential has been reduced while Goyo’s Volcán Shields have whittled down to two. Buck, Mozzie, and Kaid also see nerfs in this patch. A statement from a Ubisoft developer notes that the design team leverages data from various players and teams to come up with the right update to balance the game.

In their efforts to combat bugs, Ubisoft features a series of improvements in this update. The patch also focuses on increasing the competition level among Rainbow Six Pro League players. Invariably, the new patch shows Ubisoft’s determination to encourage competitive players to try new strategies and master the game’s mechanics.

Y5S1.2 Patch


Jäger will now be a two-speed, two-armor operator. Ubisoft already tried to curb Jäger’s pick rate by nerfing the damage on his 416-C gun, but he still dominated chart presence.

Buck, a versatile operator with a specialty in creating openings in indestructible walls, has received his share of nerfs and buffs. Claymores are replacing frag grenades, and his Skeleton Key magazine is increasing from 5 to 6. Skeleton Key rounds have also received a damage buff from 21 to 26.

On the other hand, Ying was more buffed than other operators. The mid-season R6 Siege patch presents Ying’s second buff in a row. Her projectile count has doubled, with the number of Candelas increasing from 3 to 4. Claymores have also been replaced with smoke grenades. Finally, her T-95 LSW damage increased to 46 from 43.

Things are not that rosy for Mozzie. Ubisoft’s developers see Mozzie as an extremely versatile defender that needs to be nerfed. The operator is capable of intel gathering, reconstructing the site, and intel denial. It is a powerful combination for only one operator. Because of this, the developers wanted to remove Super Shorty from him.

Goyo is under picked and underutilized, but in the Pro League, his combination with Wamai is lethal. For that reason, the operator’s Volcán Shields changed to 2 from 3.


Ubisoft’s efforts to make Rainbow Six: Siege a skill game is eminent in their recent changes to the TCSG12 shotgun. By decreasing the damage level from 84 to 57, using this powerful DMR means that only high-level players can now use it. Consequently, players must learn to control recoil and make accurate shots if they want to use this semiautomatic weapon. On the bright side, the Rainbow Six: Siege Y5S1.2 patch introduces a razor holographic sight to the M12, making the gun more versatile and powerful than before.

With these R6 Siege Y5S1.2 patch notes, Ubisoft wants to push players out of their comfort zone. These operator changes will make the game more challenging and captivating now as players and teams adopt new skills.

Written by Daniella Johnson

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