Cloud9’s Mang0 wins LACS 3 in Smash Melee
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December 21, 2020

Cloud9’s Mang0 wins LACS 3 in Smash Melee

Cloud9’s Joseph “Mango” Marquez just won the Ludwig Ahgren Championship Series 3: Charity Edition. The LACS 3 Smash Melee esports tournament even raised a total of $261,668 for charity.

Cloud9 Mang0 won the LACS 3 for Smash Melee esports.

Cloud9’s Mang0 won the LACS 3 ending the year on a high. Image credits to Cloud9.

Cloud9 Mang0 in Smash Melee Esports

The tournament was announced shortly after the cancelation of The Big House Online in November. Nintendo had sent a cease and desist to Big House Online, sparking community outrage and backlash. The Ludwig Ahgren Championship Series 3’s aim was to highlight Nintendo’s handling of the Smash Melee esports scene.

LACS 3 included 16 invited players and 48 qualified players. Cloud9’s Mang0 cruised through the singles bracket defeating the likes of Shroomed, Hungrybox, and Axe. After a clean 3-0 victory over Wizrobe, Mang0 took down iBDW in the grand finals. As the winner, Mango chose to donate a significant amount of money to Gamers for Love.


The fighting games community has been hit the hardest due to the coronavirus pandemic. Fast-paced FGC games require quick reaction times and are best experienced on LAN. However, the community adapted to the pandemic and the Slippi mod allowed players to compete online.

Despite the obstacles for competitive Melee, the community has rallied together for one of the final Smash esports events of the year. With peak viewership nearing 55 thousand, the tournament highlighted the game’s popularity despite using the controversial Slippi mod.

This tournament was Mang0’s first LACS title. He lost the previous edition of the tournament following a second-place finish at the Ludwig Ahgren Championship Series, losing to Zain in the grand finals.

Despite several obstacles, many from the game developer, the Melee community has come together to not only host but also support the grassroots tournament. LACS 3 was one such example but 2021 could see many more events as players find new ways to make FGC events accessible to more players and viewers. The Slippi mod, although controversial, has been a huge success for Smash Melee esports in 2020.

Written by Charles FUSTER


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