Wind Scar Cosplay

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Hi, I'm A.J. from Wind Scar Cosplay! I'm a cosplayer from Texas, and I've been cosplaying for about 3 1/2 years. My main reason for cosplaying is to travel, make new friends, and make people happy. And so far I've done just that! I really like to setup Cosplay meetups/photoshoots and try to help everyone have fun. I go to cons in Texas but I really enjoy traveling to other states for conventions, N.Y. & N.J. being 2 of my favorites so far. I really look forward to many more conventions, cosplays, and friends to come!

Hair color Brown/blonde
Eyes color Hazel
Height 5ft 8in
Favorite character Izuku Midoriya or Kakashi Hatake
Favorite game L.O.Z. Breath of the Wild
Region/area Southeast Texas
Region/area able to work in U.S.
Preferred event type Anime conventions