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Hello! My name is Lennie and welcome to my small portfolio! Make yourself comfortable and enjoy my work! ♥ I'm a small (literally small since I'm only 156cm tall) cosplayer from small country Slovakia! I enjoy making my favourite characters alive and I enjoy even more to interact with people as their favourite character! I do lots of stuffs, like cosplaying anime characters, game characters or cartoon characters! I can become a princess for kids, a hero for teens or cool anime protagonist for local otakus! I hope I'm interesting enough for you to choose or like me ♥

Hair color Colored ginger
Eyes color Brown
Height 156cm
Favorite character I have too many favorite characters
Favorite game NieR: Automata
Region/area Slovakia
Region/area able to work in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Deutschland, Russia
Preferred event type Don't have preferred event type