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Cosplayer from the PNW (Seattle Area)! I've been cosplaying since Early 2018. My first convention was SakuraCon 2018! My first ever cosplay was Zarya from Overwatch. My current cosplay lineup: * Kai Chisaki - Overhaul (Multiple Versions) * Eijiro Kirishima - Red Riot (Hero and Casual) * Haruka Tenou - Sailor Uranus (Casual) * Makoto Tachibana (Casual) * Shoto Todoroki (Casual) * Zarya (Suit and Casual) {Currently on-hold for repairs) 2020 Current Con Line-Up: SakuraCon, KuroNekoCon, PAX WEST, KumoriCon

Hair color Brown
Eyes color Blue
Height 6ft
Favorite character Overhaul
Favorite game Final Fantasy
Region/area PNW
Region/area able to work in PNW, Willing to Travel
Preferred event type Convention