Marina Cosplay

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Hi there! I'm Marina from Marina Cosplay and I'm from Southern California! I'm an outgoing cosplay artist and model who loves being involved in the community, meeting new people, and creating RAD content. I'm also a competitive cosplayer with a love for competition and sportsmanship! I like to cosplay video game characters from League of Legends and Fate/Grand Order and one day dream of being an Esports-sponsored cosplayer and influencer. I'm well on my may, but I hope you will join me on my creative journey to the very best there ever was! Please visit my Instagram @Marina_Cosplay to view my latest works and follow me for more high quality cosplay content!

Hair color Brown
Eyes color Brown
Height 5'-3"
Favorite character Ahri - The Nine Tail Fox
Favorite game League of LEgends
Region/area Southern California
Region/area able to work in USA
Preferred event type Esports