BoV Cosplay

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Mitch 'BoV Cosplay’ started attending cons as a simple con-goer in 2014. Inspired by the cosplayers he saw, Mitch picked up the craft in 2018 and started bringing his own favorite characters to life. Before cosplay, Mitch grew up building oddities and creations out of anything he could find. Whether it be out of clay, papier-mâché, legos, etc. when he could build, he would let his imagination fly! After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Video Game Art and Design, he used his various learned disciplines to create props and armor for his cosplays! Through old skills and new role models, Mitch found a new passion to devote his time and energy towards! While he may be newer to the cosplay scene, Mitch aims to inspire other cosplayers to be positive and not to be afraid to create! Anyone can pick up cosplaying, at any time, and it is never too late to begin!

Hair color Dirty Blonde
Eyes color Blue
Height 6'5"
Favorite character Isa - Kingdom Hearts 3
Favorite game League of Legends, Rainbow Six Siege, Dark Souls, Warframe, and more
Region/area United States/Midwest
Region/area able to work in United States
Preferred event type Convention