Crimson Heist is the next Rainbow Six Siege Operation
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February 18, 2021

Crimson Heist is the next Rainbow Six Siege Operation

The next Rainbow Six Siege Operation finally has a name in Crimson Heist. The official Rainbow Six Siege Twitter account released a short clip showcasing its name alongside the new Operator.

It will be Season 1 of Year 6, which starts after Operation Neon Dawn. While the previous season introduced Aruni, a character that lives to destroy, Crimson Heist should opt for a more discrete approach. With the delay of the Six Invitational 2021, this new Operation will be the main focus of the community for the next few months.

Crimson Heist

Everything from the official tweet seems to point to a more stealthy setting. Ubisoft could take a break from military-grade weapons and gadgets and rely on something more unique and creative. After all, fans are starting to feel the weariness of playing with the same weapons.

The new Rainbow Six Siege Operator showcased in the Crimson Heist video has no details about him. However, with his round and red-stained glasses, as well as his flat cap, he would fit perfectly with the idea of a gentleman-thief.

A Creative Approach

Some fans already started to speculate about the new Operator’s gameplay. Some are thinking that they will have a focus on sneaking up to the opponents’ back without them noticing. For that, they envisioned that he could possess a kit of lockpicks and maybe a weapon with a silencer.

Rainbow Six Siege New Operation and Operator

Image Credits to 4K Pixel Wallpapers

On the other side, some are looking for a character who could move around gadgets and barricades to gain the upper hand. Both of these approaches respect the theme of creativity, which is what Ubisoft wants to accomplish. The community can learn more about the new Rainbow Six Siege Operation, Crimson Heist, on February 21. It will definitely be a topic mentioned in the Rainbow Six Siege Community and Game Celebration.

Written by Charles FUSTER


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