October 1, 2019

CS:GO players in France can look inside cases

In CS:GO’s latest update, Valve is introducing an X-ray Scanner to the game, exclusive to France.

The basis of the scanner is that players can see what’s inside of a loot case before opening it. However, there is a catch.

Once a player places the case inside of the scanner and the item inside is revealed, the player must “claim” the item. In other words, open the case, in order to use the scanner again. Release notes state, “it is not possible to scan another Container without claiming the revealed item.”

The scanner also comes preloaded with a “one-time exclusive non-tradable” skin, the P250|X-Ray. Claiming the new skin requires the €2.20 fee of a CS:GO Case Key to use the scanner again.

Cases in France can also no longer be purchased from the Steam Community Market in France, but can still be sold.

Written by Gabriel Ionica

Featured image by BananaGaming

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