Discord Announces Streaming Service Coming in August
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August 9, 2019

Discord Announces Streaming Service Coming in August

Discord continues to innovate their services for the gaming community, adding a “Go Live” feature to their program.

This new streaming program allows users to stream their gameplay directly in the Discord program. Many will be quick to point out “competition” in Twitch and Mixer, especially the latter picking up Ninja’s exclusive streaming rights. Discord’s service appears to a more private environment allowing only 10 people to watch the livestream including the streamer, assuming they’re part of the same channel.

Discord already has a previous screen sharing function for private calls, so this seems to be a natural extension of that rather than fighting for Twitch and Mixer viewers. Live streams will not be requiring a private call, streams will be held on the voice channels on the program.

Each Discord Go Live stream are 720p by default with Nitro Classic users are able to stream at 1080p and standard Nitro users will be able to stream at 4k resolutions. Go Live is activated directly in the program or through the in-game overlay when inside the game.

The best benefit this feature has to the gaming community is being able to stream privately without having the possibility of unwanted spectators interrupting or adding pressure to the streamer. Esports teams that only collaborate online can use this to go over scrim details or game strategies.

Time will tell how this will impact the many Discord communities going forward. The feature will roll out a partial release on August 15th and will be released in full in the following weeks.

Credit: Rudolf Baldovino

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