Does the Super Smash community have a T-bagging problem?
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July 23, 2019

Does the Super Smash community have a T-bagging problem?

Here’s the tea: an unignorable amount of Super Smash Bros fans are obsessed with the timeless insult.

Nintendo scrapped taunting for online gameplay in Ultimate, creating a vacuum for resourceful SSB troublemakers.

Back in January, an official list was released ranking the Super Smash Brothers Ultimate characters — by their “T-Bagging” abilities. Topping the list at S Tier was Bowser, Kirby, Jigglypuff, Zelda, Mr. Game and Watch, Squirtle, the Villager, Bowser Jr. and Incineroar. Many seem to think Dedede deserves his own S+ tier, but an updated list has yet to be released. jedolo
Furthering the novelty, YouTuber Insert Controller Here, creator of the salt controller mod, has made a controller specifically dedicated to Teabagging in Smash.

Stay around the Smash Bros community long enough (not long at all) and notice all the successful, proud and failed T-Bag attempts. Without fail, they rally up the community for both those for and against the phenomenon.

u/The_Sasquatch99, among others, has his grievances with tea-baggers as he genuinely asks, “Why?

I see this a lot in quickplay and it’s the fastest way to make me not want to rematch you whether I won or I lost. I know I might get some, “lol why u mad” or some, “it’s just mind games bro” responses, but I feel like it just makes the community more toxic as a whole if we rely on t-bagging other players for mind games.

u/Starboy11 has been one of the first to address his internal conflict with the matter on Reddit.

I’d like to apologize, I don’t want to t-bag, I’m just having a hard time phasing through the stage

I don’t know how many of you I’ve t-bagged recently.Kigali massage I’d imagine at a minimum, thousands of you. At most, I’ve accidentally t-bagged half of you. I’m sorry. I didn’t do so from a place of disrespect. In fact, I admire you. Yes, YOU!

I’m just horrible about getting through that biggly booger of a stage. It’s unclear how long I should be holding the button, but clearly, I’m not doing it enough.

Next time you see an Ike breifly dropping his pelvic floor in a t-bag esque fashion, please know it’s a mistake. I’m just trying to fall. DO NOT take it as an insult. I like you, whoever you are.

Unless you’re Ness.

PK fire is the worst.

Search the internet enough and one can find endless T-Bags riddled throughout social media platforms. Here are just a couple:

Credit: Mitch Marowitz

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