Dota 2 Dawnbreaker Hero Guide
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April 10, 2021

Dota 2 Dawnbreaker Hero Guide

Valve released the Dota 2 7.29 gameplay update today, which adds Dawnbreaker, a new melee carry hero and more changes detailed in this guide.

Dota 2 Dawnbreaker Guide

Valora, the Dawnbreaker and the most prized warrior amongst the Children’s ancient creations, is a shining herald of the majesty of order and light. Molded from the heart of a young metallic star but charged with new life, Valora was called to spread the glow of the Children’s wisdom to the darkest reaches of the universe. She sets fire to the heavens with her celestial hammer amidst an endless battle to keep chaos at bay.

Dawnbreaker Abilities



Dawnbreaker whirls her hammer around 3 times, damaging enemies with her attack plus bonus damage. On the final strike, she smashes her hammer down, stunning and damaging enemies in front of her.

Dawnbreaker makes efficient use of her melee range to deal bonus damage to enemies. With a decent swipe and smash radius, this is the hero’s staple ability to farm as well as in team fights. With an 11 second cooldown at level 4, Dota 2’s Dawnbreaker players can use Starbreaker to push out waves and clear neutral camps.

Celestial Hammer

Dawnbreaker hurls her weapon at a target, damaging enemies struck along the way. The hammer pauses for 2.0 seconds at the destination before flying back to her, leaving a trail of fire that slows enemies. Dawnbreaker can recall the hammer at any time, pulling her towards it so they meet in the middle.

The positioning ability allows the melee hero to get closer to enemies. There are two ways to use the Celestial hammer. The first method is to throw the hammer and wait for it to come back, slowing enemies in its path. It can be useful to set up team fights for allies and helps stop enemies from chasing allies.

The other method is to recall the hammer at any time before two seconds. This pulls Dawnbreaker and the hammer together so that they meet in the middle. This allows Dawnbreaker players to use treelines and vision to set up ganks and initiate fights. Players can then combo this ability with Starbreaker and her passive to deal maximum damage to opponents.


After 3 attacks, Dawnbreaker powers up, charging her next attack with a critical hit that heals all allied heroes within 650 units around her for a portion of attack damage dealt. Creeps and neutral enemies provide less healing. Allies are healed for 35% of the amount.

Luminosity, the hero’s passive ability, deals high damage in addition to healing allies. The ability allows Dawnbreaker to stand tall in team fights in the middle of it all. Dawnbreaker’s fourth hit is a healing wave for nearby allies, and so players should focus on building attack speed on Dawnbreaker.

Starbreaker and Celestial Hammer are single-target-focused abilities. However, Luminosity and Solar Guardian highlight the hero’s focus on team fights and helping teammates. Luminosity also requires Dawnbreaker players to be tanky enough to stand in the front lines.

Solar Guardian

Dawnbreaker creates a pulsing effect at a location within 350 units of an allied hero anywhere on the map, damaging enemies and healing allies with each pulse. After a short duration, she flies to the target location, dealing additional damage and stunning enemies upon landing. Once channeled, Dawnbreaker cannot stop the ability.

Solar Guardian might remind of Dota 2 players of Omniknight’s Purification. While the ability animations and descriptions are somewhat similar, there are some key differences. For starters, Solar Guardian is an AOE ability. It also deals damage to opponents while healing allies in the target area.

The biggest difference is that Dawnbreaker flies to the target location, stuns enemies, and deals additional damage to opponents. Solar Guardian is a global ability giving Dawnbreaker the opportunity to quickly join team fights and skirmishes across the map. But players cannot cancel the channeling ability once used.

Overall, Dawnbreaker seems somewhat underpowered at release. However, players will soon find out different ways of playing this hero to maximize her potential and guide Dota 2 players to victory. Her healing abilities may also bring about a support playstyle, although Valve says she is a melee carry.

The 7.29 Dota 2 gameplay update also brings many more balance updates, including drastic changes to the map. There is even a new water rune in the game that replenishes HP and Mana. It spawns on both sides of the river at the two and four-minute mark. Valve brought many changes in this Dota 2 update and the new hero, Dawnbreaker, will save teams.

Written by Rohan Samal

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