Dota 2: Meta at the MDL Chengdu Major
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November 15, 2019

Dota 2: Meta at the MDL Chengdu Major

Dota Summit 11 ended days ago and Invictus Gaming won their first Dota 2 Minor trophy for the first time in years. The Chinese powerhouse benefited tremendously from the win, securing an automatic seat in the upcoming MDL Chengdu Major.

With the Major starting November 16, several top heroes from Summit 11 should be paid attention to in regards to the upcoming event. These heroes will impress once more at the Major if their Summit Minor performance proved anything. The following heroes are the best choices going into the MDL Chengdu Major.


 Ogre Magi

There is a reason why Ogre is one of the most admired heroes in the current meta. His high base armor strength and health regeneration make him difficult to knockdown early in the game. The melee intelligent hero is also one of the tackiest beasts early on, allowing him to use powers in each lane. When teamed up with the right melee carry, he can create miracles.

Additionally, Ogre appeared 18 times in the main competition with an approximately 58 percent win rate. As of now, he will continue to be one of the best hero choices to feature in MDL Chengdu.



Rubick is one of the most robust heroes that teams aspire to use. Boasting over a 56 percent win rate, he has a wide range of abilities, such as disorienting the enemy team, escaping from rough spots, producing crippling disabilities, and spreading curses, among others.

In the past, he participated in nearly every meta. Handling Rubick’s bravery is painful, especially when heroes with Area of Effect spells are present. It’s the reason why he’s frequently banned, especially if a team desires Tidehunter or Enigma.



Lich was one of the favorites at the Minor, despite holding a 40 percent success rating. It appears that teams began leaning towards Lich after early publicity when his third skill was modified.

Currently, Sinister Gaze is one of the most destroyed spells in professional Dota. Though it may seem “undependable,” it can perform wonders against specific heroes, like Bristleback. Additionally, when combined with Aether Lens and the range talents, the actions can become quite scary.



Gyrocopter is an agile hero capable of producing numerous single targets and regions effect destruction at various levels.

In the past few years, he participated occasionally in the meta. Although he is now weaker than before, he is still among the best carries. Aside from flash farming, Gyro is a fantastic team fight carry, a significant attribute to any team.

He was chosen 14 times with a 64 percent success rating in the Summit 11 Minor. Fans should expect to see most teams opting to feature him as the top carry of the Major.



Leshrac is an intelligence hero capable of spreading a large amount of magical damage in Dota 2. His range of spells makes him a dangerous rival since he can damage and eliminate anyone who challenges him. However, he is not the dominant Mid Laner he used to be at The International 5.

Most teams prefer to use him as Support since he performs excellently as Position 5. Of 17 games, Leshrac holds a 53 percent success rating. Fans will witness whether the percentage increases throughout MDL Chengdu.

With the above heroes set to feature in MDL Chengdu Major, fans will see excellent skills from competing teams as they contest for the trophy from November 16 to November 24.

Written by Alex Johnson

Article images credited to Valve

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