Dota 2: Reach Beta update
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November 1, 2019

Dota 2: Reach Beta update

A few days ago, announcements that DotaBuff and Electronic Sports League were collaborating to form a new league known as Reach took place.

Reach is a new platform focused on helping Dota 2 players achieve their professional dreams. It also helps aspiring tier-two players potentially get recognized by tier-one organizations, thus promoting their Dota 2 career.

Effects since Reach went live

Three days have passed on the Reach platform and fans have been productive and excited. Over 2 hundred games have been played with Reach continuously collecting data for analysis.

Currently, there are problems with stability, scoring, match balance and player behavior that Reach is aware of and trying to fix. Reach appreciates everyone for participation in helping find and solve issues during the beta phase.

Reach also encourages players and fans to continue expressing concerns so they can continue making it a better experience for all.

As the beta period progresses, information on what to expect is listed below.


The ladder is open to Immortal rank players and those who received a unique code for attending ESL Hamburg 2019. For the moment, Reach’s beta phase seeds Immortal players into the high ranking division Pinnacle.

Players of lower skill groups must wait for the coming weeks for more ladder availability.

To become a Reach member, players need to sign up to using Steam.


All players participating in Reach during its beta can play for free. However, when it officially begins, payments will be $6 every month or an annual discount rate of $56.

No additional costs are necessary for players who have Dotabuff Plus subscriptions. This provision is remarkable since a player now gets two services with a single payment.

Score Rankings

Scoring will consist of two different divisions. These include the Pinnacle and Contender divisions, which categorizes players depending on their skills. The Pinnacle will evaluate Immortals on a “per day” basis.

The distribution of points among players is as follows:

  • The first to the third game of the day- players awarded six points for a victory and four for a defeat.
  • The fourth to sixth game of the day- players awarded four points for a win and four for a loss.
  • Above six games – players awarded two points for a victory and two for a defeat.

The score rankings above imply that players must get high scores from their first games to advance. Players can progress even past the first three tournaments, but it will not be easy.

Alternatively, players categorized in the Contender divisions will be “seeded” with their ranks modified during the play. According to the announcement, this system will be valid during the beta weeks but subject to change before season one. So, players should be aware that rankings might change unexpectedly.

However, the Reach team will monitor any changes to fix during the beta.


Throughout the beta and immediately after Season One officially begins, rewards will be different. Currently, players’ awards include prizes in the form of “sprints” given either during weekdays or weekends.

Weekday sprints running from Monday to Friday will happen during the evening. The Weekend sprints take place all day on Saturday and Sunday in captain’s mode.

The Weekday sprints consist of a $15 hundred prize pool for each region, with the prize pool split with the top ten players. For the Weekend sprints, prizes will be $1 thousand for each region with the prize pool divided with the top five players.


Reach is already promising to be a fantastic league according to its features. Currently, the league and ladders only take place in North America and Europe. However, plans exist to cover other regions in the future. It’s an exciting moment for Dota 2 during the progress.

Players should understand that since this is a beta phase, issues such as bugs may occur. However, players can report any problems they find to perfect Reach’s platform and improve their experience preparing for Season One.

Written by Alex Johnson

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