Dota 2 Regional Leagues are Needed by Pros
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February 29, 2020

Dota 2 Regional Leagues are Needed by Pros

Professional Dota 2 tends to focus on significant events and pre-entry qualifying tournaments. But with the recent announcement of regional leagues making its way soon, that could change.

Valve revealed their plans for the professional side of Dota 2 after The International 10. Starting after TI10, regional leagues will be implemented into the professional scene to help tier two and three teams find better opportunities when it comes to event participation. Six regional leagues will take place during each season, leading to a Major. Through regional leagues, there will be three seasons for teams to secure a place in a Major. As per usual, the Dota Pro Circuit will end with The International.

Image via Dota 2 | Valve.

Dota 2 Regional Leagues

Regional leagues feature a $280 thousand prize pool for each of the six leagues. Each league features two divisions of eight teams. Both divisions will be divided through upper and lower tiers. Altogether, the six leagues make up ninety-six teams.

After each season, the top two teams from the upper-division swap places with the top two teams from the lower division. The two teams standing at the bottom of the lower division will be eliminated and replaced with two teams from open qualifiers.

These leagues will go for six weeks. Each region will consist of a full best-of-three round-robin format among all teams. Following fan-favorite teams becomes more comfortable with matches being scheduled accordingly to prevent confusion and schedule clutter. All upper-division events will be streamed on studio broadcasts while lower division events take place on DotaTV.

Dota 2 Esports

To most, regional leagues mean more watchable content. But to professional players, regional leagues are so much more. Regional leagues give teams a chance to compete against the best teams in the world and climb through skill tiers. Anyone can be number one if they try hard enough. That’s what Valve wanted to make clear.

Additionally, regional leagues help grow professional Dota 2 as a whole with the mass amounts of tournaments being implemented. With $280 thousand up for grabs in every regional league, it’s undeniable that attention will be drawn. Adding spotlights shining on tier two and three teams around the world, unpredictability is guaranteed. That’s what Dota 2 esports tries to center around.

Overall, Valve presented the world with another way to enjoy Dota 2 and another way for professional players to enjoy playing. Dota 2 regional leagues will start after TI10.

Written by Jay Hunter

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