WePlay! and Dota 2 teams form OMEGA League
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July 17, 2020

WePlay! and Dota 2 teams form OMEGA League

Yesterday, WePlay! Esports officially announced a new league that features the Dota 2 esports’ biggest stars. WePlay! Esports, partnered with Epic Esports Events, presents the OMEGA League. The OMEGA League is a Dota 2 event covering Americas, Europe, and multiple rank divisions.

Dota 2 OMEGA League

OMEGA League features a $550 thousand prize pool divided between each division tournament within the different regions. This event boasts the biggest stars in Dota 2 esports like OG, Team NIGMA, Team Secret, and more. Besides big names, the league features teams across North America, CIS, and Europe. Providing top-quality esports entertainment, OMEGA League lasts an entire month from August 1 to September 6.

OMEGA League comprises two rank division tournaments per region with a share of the prize pool. Open and closed qualifiers are available for these competitions. For Americas, Divine and Ancient division make up the two tournament divisions. As for Europe, Immortal and Divine division complete the list.

OMEGA League Format and Prize Pool

Four tournaments occur during OMEGA League, meaning four unique formats, placings, prize pool distributions, and skill divisions. Additionally, each division tournament mingles with each other through a fall-off format. This means that if teams in the higher division tournament fall short during a stage, they won’t be eliminated but moved to the lower-ranked competition. Both Americas and Europe have one major event and one smaller tournament that make up OMEGA League.

Immortal Division and Divine Division Tournament

Immortal division competition features twelve teams that clash it out for a share of $500 thousand. The teams will be divided into two groups and compete through a round-robin format consisting of best-of-three matches in the group stage. The top teams placing between first and third will move into the playoffs. Each team that placed fourth and fifth will proceed to the play-in stage.

The top two teams from the play-in stage will advance to playoffs, while the bottom two move down to Divine division tournament. As for the sixth placing teams during the group stage, they will also proceed down to the Divine division tournament. The playoffs feature a standard double-elimination bracket wherein all matches are best-of-three. Grand finals are a best-of-five match.

Featuring a prize pool share of $31.5 thousand, ten teams across the Americas region will compete in an identical format in the Divine division. The only difference is the number of teams and prize pool.

Europe Divine Division and Americas Ancient Division Tournament

The Divine division tournament features a similar format but doesn’t have a fall-off setting. The division consists of a $50 thousand prize pool share and twelve teams. Unlike the Immortal division tournament, this competition doesn’t feature a play-in stage, meaning that there aren’t any second chances. The group stage is nearly identical compared to Immortal division, but only the top teams are placed between first and third. All teams below the belt will be eliminated. The playoffs feature a standard double-elimination format.

Like Europe’s Divine division, the Americas Ancient division tournament features the same format, with the only difference being that eight teams will be competing for a prize pool share of $8.5 thousand.

Filling in Dota 2 Esports

Overall, WePlay! Esports and Epic Esports Events’ initiative to take over the scene despite The International 10 not taking place is smart. Both companies used the advantage of an empty competitive space to a better angle. What OMEGA League accomplishes for the scene is another front stage for Dota 2 talent and potential. Ultimately, if plans execute correctly, OMEGA League prove a huge success.

Written by Jay Hunter

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