Dota 2: The Outlanders meta
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December 20, 2019

Dota 2: The Outlanders meta

Ever since the release of Dota 2’s latest Outlanders update, playing the game has been an ongoing rollercoaster for players. Neutral items are inconsistent and randomized, reworked heroes are game-breaking win solutions and the two new heroes are unbalanced in the best way possible. However, after a barrage of patches and changes to the game, it’s official to say that the Most Effective Tactics Available (META) is finally stable.

Pick and Win Rate

After the introduction of two new heroes, Pudge is still at the top, not conquering each rank but dominating overall combined percentages. The hero excels with its recent reworked Aghanim Scepter and shines as the new Lifestealer. Pudge supports itself through buffed damage output and sustaining heals.

Following Pudge is the ruling support, Lion, a hero equipped with the right offensive and defensive assets. A slight buff on the hero’s Mana Drain, adds to an already dominant laning presence. Unsurprisingly, the third and fourth placements are the highlights of the Outlander patch, the heroes Void Spirit and Snapfire.

Neutral items, a new fan favorite, makes farming much more comfortable for many heroes. However, player interest grew in Phantom Assassin, a prominent creep clearing hero. Additionally, because of Phantom Assassin’s lack of changes, besides a buff to the evasion skill Blur, it’s evident why it stands firm.

Image via DotaBuff

Trending Heroes

Since the patch’s release in November, a list of unprecedented statistical trends has grown throughout the weeks. Lone Druid grew massively with the changes the hero received. Spirit Bear’s base stats received a buff and Lone Druid’s skillset underwent a total revamp.

Despite the hero’s nerfs, fundamental hero Tiny is still viable and playable. Snapfire continues to reign supreme as the supporting fire for any teamfight, but also prevails as the rapid-fire cannon that melts any opposing hero. Doom’s recent changes not only make nuking a hero easier but sustaining and scaling is also a complimentary feature, helping with the new patch’s farming aspect.

One of the embodiments of attack speed is Troll Warlord. Now with the hero’s buffed base stats and root chance percentage, running into Troll poses a more significant threat for squishy heroes. The proximity shocker and movement speed hero Razor speaks volumes with Static Link, Storm Surge, and Eye of the Storm changes.

Disappearing and blinking away is Puck, a high-tier mid lane hero with dominating lane presence. The revamped talents and skills make Puck a new force to reckon with. Anti-Mage returns and receives blows to his ability set but bounces back with the new neutral items. Considering Anti-Mage is centered around farming until the late game, it supports the hero’s design.

Shadow Fiend receives just as much attention as other heroes thanks to fear being added to the ultimate skill Requiem of Souls. Finally, Huskar, the sacrificial spear thrower, excels at self-sustainment while burning opposers. Huskar’s Aghanims can now initiate one-on-one more comfortably with the taunt mechanic.

Image via DotaBuff

What to play

A new patch brings new opportunities but that doesn’t mean fans should play along with guidelines and previous Dota 2 metas. The Outlander debut provides lots of flexibility and random farming outcomes. The new mechanisms that Outlander brings add to the unpredictability of any and every game. Whether it’s an early hero composition of ranged magic damage heroes or a seventy-minute farm fiesta between melee junglers, the possibilities to start and end a Dota 2 game are endless.

Written by Jay Hunter

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