Dota Plus Autumn Update
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September 27, 2019

Dota Plus Autumn Update

Players have patiently been waiting for Dota 2’s newest update. With the arrival of this new update, the TI9 Battle pass is finally over.

After repeated requests from the community for various changes the following changes have been added into the Dota Plus subscription.

The changes

Avoid Player: This feature helps players in choosing teammates they want to avoid, removing them from the matchmaking pool and giving players more intricate control.

Creep Pull Timers: This feature can be used for precise stacking, a great way to practice stacking on the road of ever-improving.

Ward Suggestions: Suggests the best possible places to ward which in turn will help in making some good team-based plays.

Incoming damage breakdown: Incoming damage is now broken down by type like magical, physical and so on to give a more detailed view.

Chat Wheel: Along with the older sounds, a few more sounds from the TI9 battle pass have made it to the list. So, if you loved spamming the chat wheel this one is for you. In addition, you can now use emoticons in your chat wheel.

New sets: Lion, Crystal Maiden and Slardar each get a new set with ambient effects priced at 90,000 and 75,000 shards respectively.

Quests: New ranked quests have been added and along with that there are a bunch of new heroes quests added too.

When a player queues for a ranked match with the “Hard support” role they will receive bonus shards.

Friends and Foes feature from the battle pass replaces the generic machine learning hero suggestions.

Finally, the Trove Carafe 2019 will be on sale for another two weeks. Those interested should take advantage of the deal while it’s available.

Written by Chandan Padhi

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