Apex Legends goes off the map
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October 1, 2019

Apex Legends goes off the map

Today Apex Legends’ third season will kick off the wild ride for this battle royale. After a record-breaking launch, expectations for its future were high. Sadly, it has not been able to match these so far.

Bugs and performance issues, a slower content release schedule than its competition, cheaters and some unfortunate pricing mishaps are but a few of the reasons for its loss of momentum.

During Season 2, Respawn Entertainment attempted to address some of these growing pains.  Publisher, EA recently boasted that the game has since “outperformed our expectations with significant growth in daily and weekly active players.”, hinting that resolving these issues has been an apparent success.

If that righted the ship, the developer is now looking to send it sailing ahead in the new “Meltdown” update.
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To boldly go

Or, perhaps, sailing above is a better phrase to use. See, back in June an unknown hacker destroyed Kings Canyon’s Repulsor Tower. This device was built to drive away zim sex ladies Kings Canyon’s more dramatic wildlife, which promptly came stampeding into the arena.

While this definitely livened up the place, the Apex Games’ organization has now decided that perhaps a change of scenery is required. The game’s latest trailer finds our legends en route to this new location Sudan Escorts, World’s Edge.

This arena is set on an entirely different planet, Talos, which shows in the wide variety of new terrain types. There are volcanoes, there’s ice, there are steam vents. Also, a train running through it all because a legend needs to get around.

All in all, the map promises to add some interesting new variables to the game’s already dynamic fights.

Crypto joins the fray

The trailer also officially introduces Crypto as a legend, after his backstory was revealed earlier this month. Responsible for the King’s Canyon pest problem, he will now be taking his fight to overthrow the system inside the arena.

As a hacker, his abilities center around giving his team a technological edge: rencontrer et baiser le cameroun

Aerial Drone

  • Deploys a surveillance drone that can be used to detect enemies and hack objects.

Neural Link

  • Squadmates can see what the Aerial Drone detects within a 30-meter radius.

Weapon Drone EMP

  • Charge up an EMP blast from your drone that deals shield damage, slows enemies and disables all traps.

In the new environments offered by the World’s Edge map, these skills promise to shake up squad play in new and interesting ways. To add to the mayhem, Season 3 will also be reintroducing a classic Titanfall weapon: the Charge Rifle. As the name implies, this beam weapon comes with a hefty charge but packs quite a punch.

Ranked changes

Lastly, Respawn is adjusting ranked play. This game mode has been under fire for a while due to long queue times and imprecise matchmaking. Leaks have suggested that cross-platform play may be coming soon to deal with the first. The new season, however, will focus on the latter.

Image result for number

Season 3 scoring system detailed

The developer is doing this by adjusting the game’s scoring system. Specifically more points will be awarded for all counted actions, which now include assisting a party member on a kill. Respawn expects that the wider points range will allow them to more precisely determine a player’s actual skill. This should result in better matchmaking.

The start of the season will see everyone’s rank be downgraded 1.5 tiers, after which the new system will kick in. Leaver penalties, disabled during the previous season, will also be re-enabled.

Only time will tell the effect of all these changes but, combined with the excellent cinematics, they do serve to make the update feel more like an expansion than a patch.
Season 3 launched today, Oct. 1! So, enjoy the patch!

Written by Xander Teunisson
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