Esports Certification Institute established for aspiring professionals
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April 27, 2021

Esports Certification Institute established for aspiring professionals

The Esports Certification Institute (ECI), a new organization to provide guidance, education, and certification for aspiring industry professionals, was officially announced and established today.

Esports Certification Institute

This international organization looks to actively help people get into the industry and esports workforce. Though esports and gaming keeps growing, fans often face many difficulties to obtain jobs and careers. Former Dignitas Chief of Staff Ryan Friedman and former Houston Rockets VP of Esports Sebastian Park founded the Esports Certification Institute to help people access the industry.

Thanks to a comprehensive exam system that rewards users with special membership, professionals can finally learn the right skills. Both entry-level fans and experienced professionals can benefit from the exam. Boasting 120 multiple choice questions and an essay, the Esports Certification Institute exam tests esports knowledge, statistical literacy, and problem solving.

“Similar to standard financial certifications, candidates demonstrate their knowledge and skills through a rigorous examination to ensure critical competencies necessary to work in esports,” FlyQuest CEO Tricia Sugita commented. “Becoming an ECI certified professional sets job-seekers apart from other applicants and is the next step of professionalization in esports.”

Esports Certification Institute logo for industry professionals.

Image credits to ECI

Growing Esports Industry Leaders

Esports Certification Institute is also pushing for accessibility by ensuring that the exam is affordable. This merit-based exam is the key to success since just practicing for it helps candidates learn valuable skills. Using a model that lets users pay what they want, they can purchase study guide materials but aren’t required to. After users complete the exam and become certified, users receive more networking opportunities, new resources, and one-on-ones with ECI’s advisors.

The company even holds a diverse advisory board filled with experienced esports industry veterans.

  • Esports Attorney and Partner at ESG Law, Krista Hiner
  • Cloud 9 Advisor and Founder Enlightgg, Eunice Chen
  • Esports & Gaming Personality, Sean “Day[9]” Plott
  • Evil Geniuses CEO, Nicole LaPointe Jameson
  • FlyQuest CEO, Tricia Sugita
  • Cloud 9 VP, Donald Boyce
  • Gen.G CEO, Chris Park
  • BITKRAFT Ventures Founding Partners, Jens Hilgers, Scott Rupp, and Malte Barth

“Despite massive industry growth in the past five years, securing a career in esports is still often more about who you know than what you can do,” Ryan Friedman, Co-Founder of ECI, stated. “The Esports Certification Institute is uniquely positioned to bring standardization and professionalism to the talent acquisition process in esports while offering a way for applicants to stand out. By offering a certification in esports knowledge, companies will be able to easily identify highly skilled and qualified applicants, ultimately creating an industry where everyone is given equal opportunity to succeed in esports irrespective of personal circumstances.”

The launch of a new organization targeted towards eliminating barriers is always important. Through an expansive board, experienced leaders, and the drive to help others, the Esports Certification Institute will revolutionize how professionals can join the industry. The exam is already available for interested esports entrants on the ECI website for $400.

Written by Justin Amin

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