Fortnite Chapter 2: The Wait is Over
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October 15, 2019

Fortnite Chapter 2: The Wait is Over

After a long, yet, exciting wait, Fortnite Chapter 2 is here. The game has many new features that will change the way casual players and pros play substantially.

The biggest change is an all-new map. Players will now have to discover the map through exploration. Until they find a Point Of Interest (POI) it will be grayed out and the map won’t show its name. Only two of the game’s original POIs, Retail Row and Pleasant Park, remain. The whole map has been reshaped to also include new waterways throughout.

Image via Forbes

New Features: New Ways to Play

With so much water, Epic Games has added a new game mechanic that will change the way Fortnite is played. Players can now dive and swim around the map to travel.

Epic has also added boats that squads can use to travel and attack from. These two new mechanics will force pro players to adapt in ways they never have before. Pro players will have to find out how bullets act in water and if swimming can be used as a way to safely disengage from a fight.

Image via Epic Games

The game is also more sneaky as players can now hide in dumpsters and haystacks. Players can also cause more chaos now by destroying gas tanks and explosive barrels.

In addition, Epic games has “streamlined” the combat system. Players can now use an Upgrade Bench to level up their weapons using materials. These changes shift the meta entirely as players will have to be on high alert constantly and decide whether to loot chests or farm materials.

If a squad makes the wrong choice, Epic has added new features to help revive their teammates. Players can now carry downed teammates away from danger, either from the storm or from an enemy. The new release has also added new weapon that will change the dynamics of play. The new weapon allows players to shoot bandages and heal teammates.

For low skill players, Epic Games has also promised to add bots to lobbies. However, Epic did not include information on this addition in the Chapter 2 patch notes. It does seem that they have been added to the game based on other reports.

This should make the game more enjoyable for players who just want to have a good time.

Epic is advertising this season as “More Fun, Less Grind.” Hopefully these changes make the game better for casual players, while still allowing the highly competitive players to test their skills against each other.

Both pro and casual Fortnite players have a long road ahead to learn everything new in Fortnite Chapter 2.

Written Efren Hurtado

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