Lagardère Sports arranges KLEVV and T1’s memory partnership
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October 30, 2019

Lagardère Sports arranges KLEVV and T1’s memory partnership

Singapore, Oct 23, 2019 – Lagardère Sports has announced that KLEVV will be the official and exclusive gaming memory partner for T1 Entertainment & Sports (T1).

This sponsorship exclusively allows KLEVV to outfit all of T1’s competitive teams across all of its differing gaming scenes.

Through the deal, KLEVV will have exposure across games like Dota 2, League of Legends (LoL), PUGB, Fortnite, Hearthstone, and Apex Legends. This partnership will be in effect until January of 2021.

Win-Win Partnership fuels Optimism

The partnership terms establish a balance between the two organizations, creating a beneficial situation for all involved.

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Credit to Essencore

KLEVV, owned by the memory giant Essencore, will equip T1 teams with products like KLEVV’s DDR4 gaming memory and more. In addition to the custom outfitting, T1 can also reach more esports fans through leveraging Essencore and KLEVV’s exposure channels worldwide.

To help sweeten the deal, KLEVV’s logo will be prominently displayed on all T1 esport athletes’ jackets and jerseys. The brandishing of the logo will be present across all games that T1 competes in. KLEVV and T1’s joint exposure naturally creates a synergistic relationship for the two organizations with 2020 right around the corner.

“T1 is amongst the best performing teams across multiple platforms in esports, and is poised to become one of the most valuable brands in esports… The opportunity for us to come on board as Official Gaming Memory Partner is one that we’re extremely passionate about, as we continue to support T1 in their rise in esports.”
– Head of KLEVV Marketing, Jay Lee

Lagardère: Not just Traditional Sports

Lagardère Sports and Entertainment renewed and revamped this partnership while brokering the deal. The massive sports and entertainment agency, grew from its beginnings in Formula One racing to being a heavy hitter in multiple global industry sports.

Lagardère Sports currently represents high profile clients such as NFL linebacker Khalil Mack, legendary golf pro Phil Mickelson, and two FIFA Confederations.

The Sports and Entertainment Titan wants to not only be a major player in traditional sports, but has begun moving into esports through successful partnerships with RFRSH Entertainment, PUBG, and gaming Goliath Riot Games.

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Lagardère previously announced on May 9, that it would serve as T1’s exclusive commercial agent. This previous partnership sets foundations of success and support to further grow the partnership between KLEVV and T1.

This deal clearly shows the potential for significant long term partnerships on a global basis in esports.

Strong undertones of success lie under this announcement. Both T1 and KLEVV have large firms in each of their corners, seeking nothing but a win-win for all. As 2019 draws to an end, 2020 appears to be full of opportunities for these organizations as optimism soars.

The deal will enable these companies to expand and improve in the esports world while growing the industry itself.

Written by Mark Pratt

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